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6 Tips and Tricks to save cash and grow your farm fast!

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  1. What leaval dose this game go up to

  2. Hi,which nuts i have to harvest to earn mine tools???

  3. Hello,
    I am in level 18 in hay day. Nobody is coming in my neighborhood. I only have to join others. How can I invite people in my neighborhood ?

    Please tell

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You can only invite them over Facebook. Connect to facebook, visit a friend’s farm and click on the envelope that is under their name.

  4. What is the single digit number that is under the Derby Points?

  5. How do u chat with people? I have no idea how.

    • To chat with ppl u have to be at least level 18 and in a neighborhood and if u are on the left middle of the screen there is n arrow click it and u can chat there and see ur msges and derby board

  6. How do I remove friends from my farm?

  7. Question.. once you dump an order is there anyway of retrieving it… I mustakenky dumped one…


  8. What behavior leads to you being reported?

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