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Advertising is everything in selling

When you are stuck trying to sell your item, try advertising it. It will help you to sell your item(s).

DO NOT sell eggs or eggs and bacon, unless you sell them dirt cheap. The market is flooded with “egg people” and “egg and bacon people”. Just don’t do it, because people generally aren’t interested.

Fruit or crops are not an overly desirable item either unless they are cheap.

If you want to make money fast, sell things that are hard to find in the newspaper. These are sugar, syrup and cream. Selling things that take time to make and are complicated are big sellers too, such as pies, cakes and ice cream.

Sell things a little bit under their maximum price – you will get followers if you consistently do this, and your stuff will sell out fast.

Wait to decorate your farm! Things are very expensive in the later levels – build up your farm first and then, when it is easier to make money once your farm is more sophisticated, then you can decorate it.

Plan the decorations on your farm carefully. Each time you buy an item, it will increase in price. So what starts off seeming an inexpensive decoration now will be very expensive once you have a few of them.

Collect building supplies! People constantly need these to upgrade their silos and barns, and some of these items are hard to come by, so when you get them, put them out for sale at full price, and they will almost always be bought right away. A good piece of info to keep in mind is that you can advertise one thing in the newspaper every half hour, and this will be the first item you put out for sale if your waiting period is up. It is a good idea to advertise your best, most desirable item first. If you put out a building material, and advertise this item, then a lot of people will visit your store. You will know which item has successfully been advertised because it will have a little ticket icon on it.

A trick I use is, before I go to bed at night, I plant the most time consuming crops, such as chilli peppers, pumpkin and lavender. Then you have it for the next day and don’t have to wait. This is also useful for making the most time consuming feed (right now for me, it’s sheep feed).

You get two feed makers, and all your animals need to be fed at different rates. The chickens need to be fed most often, and sheep the least, for example. If you use one silo just for chicken feed, and the other one for the other animals that need to be fed less, then this might help them to be continuously fed.

A good piece of advice is to keep the chickens constantly producing eggs. Then when your neighbours walk up to your farm to purchase items, I find they often buy eggs, and pay quite well for them. This way you never have to sell them in the newspaper (in fact, PLEASE don’t), and you have a nice little income generator when your neighbours ask for them.

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  1. I use advertising to move boats. If I need to get sellers for three crates of an item that is first made at Level 40, for example, I might try to advertise something I know is in demand at level 40 or above. Then that ad only goes to players at level 40 or above and all of them might be interested in selling to my boats.

  2. Your farm visitors will often ask for items that are high in your inventory. Those that do wheating love it when their farm visitor comes and says you have 150 wheat, I need 80. Sale!!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful advice! Would you get the fishing boat or juicer first if you had to decide? I find I get a lot of juice orders and haven’t been able to buy it yet ….

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