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Apples are fruit crops unlocked at level 15. They grow onapple trees and can be harvested four times. They are the first tree crop unlocked in the game.

They are used as ingredients in several food products.

Like all crops, they are stored in the silo.

Price 1 to 39
Duration 16 h
Source Apple Tree

Harvesting apples

Apple Tree

The first harvest gives two apples, the second one three, and the other two four. After the third harvest the tree wilts.

Tapping on the tree places a sign on it letting other players know the tree needs to be revived. Once it is, a last harvest can be done before the tree dies. A saw is then required to cut it.

Selling apples

  • Apples can be sold or bought for a maximum price of 396 Coins for 10 fruit.
  • Buying an apple tree costs 160 Coins.
  • potential profit is 236 Coins.

Using apples

Apples are used to make the following products:

Apple Pie Apple Juice Apple Jam
Applex3 Applex2 Applex3
Level 28 Level 28 Level 35
Honey Apple Cake Caramel Apple Green Smoothie
Applex2 Applex1 Applex1
Level 42 Level 51 Level 66

Boat orders

Boat orders ask for 8 to 13 apples per crate.

Strategy tips

  • Each tree gives a maximum of 13 apples in less than 3 days.
  • Apples are seldom found in the Daily Dirt. Selling them at a lower price is not recommended.
  • Recipes ask for one to three apples so you need to have several extra trees to cover your needs. Extras can also be useful if you have boats with apple crates.

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