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Beehive tree

The beehive tree is where the beehives honey bees live in are hung. The beehive tree is unlocked at Level 39 and costs 4,000 coins. The tree itself does not produce anything: bees produce honeycomb within the beehives hung in the tree. Up to three bees can be housed in a beehive.

Unlike other animal shelters additional beehive trees cannot be bought in the shop. Players must collect 4,000 drops of nectar to get a second beehive, 40,000 drops to get a third one and 400,000 drops to get the last one.

All the beehives are hung on the same unique tree and honeycomb must be collected from each beehive.

Beehive tree
Beehive Tree Stage 4
Price (coins) 4,000
Building time Instant
Houses Honey bees
Animals 3 per shelter
Nb of shelters 4 max.
1st shelter Level 39
2nd shelter Level 39 – 4,000+ drops
3rd shelter Level 39 – 40,000+ drops
4th shelter Level 39 – 400,000+ drops


In addition to beehive(s) the beehive tree also has a bee smoker tied around its trunk and a honey jar on the ground next to it. As the player gets more beehives the appearance of the tree changes:

Beehive Tree Stage 1.png Beehive Tree Stage 2.png Beehive Tree Stage 3.png Beehive Tree Stage 4.png
With one beehive With two beehives With three beehives With four beehives

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  1. Same issue, I can’t find the tree anywhere on my shops. I am a level 47. Help please!

  2. Wheré is my tree, above level 40????

  3. Hello

    I am on level 40 but it seems i don’t have any beehive trees in my shop to buy?

  4. Hi, I used to have a beehive tree with 3 beehives. I think my 4 year old daughter may have accidentally saw down the beehive tree. I tried to retrieve it from the 1st tab, but it will not allow me. How do I get my beehive tree back? Please help. Thanks.

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