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Blackberries are a crop unlocked at Level 26. They grow on blackberry bushes, which cost 530 coins, and can be harvested four times each. Each harvest yields additional blackberries:

  • 1st Harvest: 2 Blackberries
  • 2nd Harvest: 3 Blackberries
  • 3rd Harvest: 4 Blackberries
  • 4th harvest (after revival): 4 blackberries


After the third harvest the bush wilts. To revive it, the player must tap on the bush and place a sign on it. A visitor can then tap the bush to revive it. In addition to reviving the bush, this will also give the visitor some experience and the possibility of getting a gift card. Once the bush has been revived, the player owning the bush will get one more harvest of four blackberries before the bush dies.

An axe is required to cut the dead bush.

Price 23 (1 to 82 in market)
Duration 32 h
XP 16 XP
Source Blackberry Bush
Used In
Bakery Blackberry Muffin
Juice Press Berry Juice
Jam Maker Blackberry Jam


Blackberries can be used to make the following products:

Name Unlocks at Price Duration Experience Ingredients Production Building
Blackberry muffin

Blackberry Muffin
level 26 226 45 min
★★★ 38 min
27 Blackberries (2)
Wheat (2)
Egg (1)
Berry juice

Berry Juice
level 31 205 3 h
★★★ 2 h 33 min
24 Blackberry (1)
Raspberry (1)
Juice Press
Blackberry jam

Blackberry Jam
level 37 388 8 h
★★★ 6 h 48 min
46 Blackberries (3) Jam Maker
Berry smoothie

Berry Smoothie
level 64 547 1 h 15 min
★★★ 1 h 3 min
65 Blackberries (3)
Raspberries (3)
Strawberries (3)
Smoothie Mixer

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