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Calico Kitten

Calico kittens are animals players can have as pets in kitten houses. Kittens cost vouchers, but yield experience when fed milk. Both kittens are available from level 56 onwards.

Feeding time every 6 h
Experience 40
Fed with Milk
Housed in Kitten House
Cost in vouchers
Blue 20
Purple 15
Golden 4


When given milk, calico kittens eat, roam the farm for 6 hours and then finally fall asleep. Players can immediately wake them up to receive 40 experience points per animal. They stay asleep otherwise.

Kittens which have been woken up but are not given milk for a long while cannot fall asleep and wander around their shelter looking very sleepy and tired.

Each kitten costs and 20 blue vouchers, 15 purple vouchers and 4 golden vouchers.

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