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Candy Machine

Candy Machine unlocks at level 51 and produces :

Candy Machine

Candy Machine

Price 120,000
Level 51
Produce Toffee
Caramel Apple
Jelly Beans
70 hrs
★★ 288 hrs
★★★ 1152 hrs


Name Price Duration XP Ingredients Used in
Toffee :

176 1 h 30 min
★★★ 1 h 16 min
21 Xp Butter (1)
White Sugar (1)
Wheat (1)
Caramel Apple :

Caramel Apple
255 2 h
★★★ 1 h 42 min
31 Xp Apple (1)
Syrup (2)
Jelly Beans :

Jelly Beans
684 24 h
★★★ 20 h 24 min
81 Xp Raspberry Jam (1)
White Sugar (1)
Blackberry Jam (1)
Lollipop :

342 12 h
★★★ 10 h 12 min
41 Xp Syrup (1)
Cherry (1)
Strawberries (2)
Chocolate :

460 20 h
★★★ 17 h
55 Xp Cacao (3)
White Sugar (1)
Cream (1)


★ after 70 hours: all Candy Machine goods are worth 10% more coins from truck orders.

★★ after 288 hours: all Candy Machine goods are worth 5% more experience from truck orders.

★★★ after 1,152 hours: all Candy Machine goods are produced 15% faster.

A total of 1,510 hours of production is required to master the Candy Machine and get the 3-star rank (★★★).

Candy Machine Mastered

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    1) how many lands are in the farm? (in the farm not in the fishing area or city area)

    2) how many money costs all the machines? (with the last update are all changed)

    3) unlocking level of: woolly cheap, cotton shirt and violet dress (and the producing time of them when sewing machine has 3 stars)

    4) unlocking level of iron ore and coal, iron bar, refined coal

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    • Alot of this information can be found on this site 🙂

      • please, can you link the link of the page in witch I can find these informations? I don’t see them, I’ve seen all this site but I don’t see them

      • please, can you link the link of the page in witch I can find these informations? I don’t see them, I’ve seen all this site but I don’t see them

  3. what is the building time of candy machine?

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