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Clash Royale – February Fun 002

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  1. Plzz check out hem chandra moirangthem's new video

  2. Can u do another hayday livestream soon?

  3. Amazing Ricky!!! I love Clash ROYALE! I would like to join your clan. Please can u tell the name of your clan?

  4. Love hay day don't like any of supercells other games watched this video to see if i could learn to like this game and the answer is no it looks garbage

  5. Hey Ricky! Really like the Clash Royal Videos! Keep it up!

  6. When is the next hayday live strem

  7. The game kind of looks interesting but I don’t understand anything they are doing or how they are doing it. I can tell they are battling but that’s about it, lol. How would I learn how to play the game?

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