Cookies are products unlocked at level 10.

Cookies are used to make cheesecake.

Like all products, they are stored in the barn.

Price 29 (1 to 104 in market)
Duration 1 h
★★★ 51 min
XP 13 XP
Source Bakery
Ingredients Wheat (2)
Eggs (2)
Brown Sugar (1)

Making cookies


Cookies are made in the Bakery.

To make a cookie, players need the following ingredients, in the specified quantities:

Wheat Egg Brown Sugar
x2 x2 x1

It takes 1 hour (60 minutes) to make one cookie, and 51 minutes in a fully mastered Bakery. Each cookie gives players 13 experience points.

Selling cookies

  • Cookies can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 1,044 Coins for 10 units.
  • Buying the ingredients required to make a cookie costs 75 Coins.

Used in

Cookies are used to make the following product:

Level 24

Strategy tips

  • Boat orders require 3 to 5 cookies per crate.

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