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The Dairy is a production building unlocked at level 6.

It is used to make cream, butter, cheese and goat cheese.



Price 50
Level 6


The Dairy looks like a mini red-roofed white house-like factory with a fence around it. A few jars of milk are stored behind it. The house also has a few silver chimney holes.

The mastered version gets a star on one wall of the factory and some golden parts.


It costs 50 gold and takes 2 hours (or ? diamonds) to build the Dairy. It gives players 8 xp when completed.


Cream Butter
Cream Butter
Lvl 6 Lvl 9
20 min
★★★ 17 min
30 min
★★★ 25 min
50 gold 82 gold
6 xp 10 xp
Cheese Goat Cheese
Cheese Goat cheese
Lvl 12 Lvl 33
1 h
★★★ 51 min
1 h 30 min
★★★ 1 h 16 min
122 gold 162 gold
15 xp 19 xp


The Dairy originally has two slots available. Unlocking the third slot costs 6 diamonds. Players can unlock 7 new slots in total, each new one costing 3 more diamonds than the previous one. Alternatively, they can spend a total of 105 diamonds to completely upgrade their machine.


A total of 520 hours of production is required to master the Dairy:

Dairy Mastered
40 hrs
120 hrs
360 hrs
TruckM10Coins TruckM10XP DairyM15
+10% gold +10% xp 15% faster

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