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Fishing trick!

Want to get the most exotic fish? Try the following:

  • make the green, blue, purple or gold lure
  • trow in your lure
  • take a look at the size of the ripple
  • is it a big ripple release your lure (you won’t lose your lure)
  • throw it in again and keep repeating this untill you get a small ripple
  • when u get a small ripple try to catch that fish!

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  1. Every area in Hay day has helps like boosters, trading with other farmers/neighbors or winning on wheel. WHY HAS FISHING POND BEEN LEFT OUT? You can’t make lures or worms fast enough to keep up with fishing holes replenishing! PLEASE SHORTEN PRODUCTION TIME OF LURES AND EVEN GIVE US MORE FISHING HOLES OR LET US GET FISHING BOOSTERS TOO! PLEASE???

  2. So this does not work with red lure??

  3. Why can’t you sell your fish nets or lure as when my group of friends was on fishing task i had lot’s of lures to sell to them Ray

  4. Sometimes it might take 8 – 10 cycles until you get the smallest circle. One you see it, you will notice the difference.

  5. If it is a new fish, you should notice a lot more fight then usual. Hang in there. One trick I use is to circle the fish with the line. It tends to confuse the fish as to how to resist, then my circles become slow ovals, gradually pulling the fish into the small circle. Remember, there are usually four circle sizes, large, medium, small and very small.

  6. Why? Does using this technique make the fish easier to catch or does it affect the size of fish caught?

  7. How can i do that?

    • just press the screen to throw in a lure and wait for the ripple to appear. Is it a big ripple? Let go and try again. Is it a small ripple? Try to catch that fish! 🙂

    • Tap the screen to bring up the lures you have made and saved in your tacklebox, drag the lure you want to use to the spot your going to fish. Then when the fish takes the bait…look closely to check the size of the circle. The small circle will be the same size as your fish. If it is bigger than your circle, release your finger from the screen and start again 🙂

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