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Game Strategy Guide

When you want to level up fast there are many things that I like to do. Some options that you have are:

  • Crops
  • Plants
  • Boats
  • Click and go

There’s two ways to look at farming for XP. I can either plant lots of wheat until my silo is full and then sell my extras in order to replant. By doing that I will get 1 Xp for each time I harvest one wheat crop. (It adds up quick if I am patient) Or if I do not have the time to plant wheat, I can figure out which crop I have that can give me the most XP which is a strawberry that gives me 10 XP in 7-8 hours. I have at least 54 fields so by filling those up with strawberries, I will have lots of XP when the plant is ready to be harvested.

If I have a lot of extra coins handy, I might spend them all on trees or bushes because in time I will gain lots of points. Very simple but I have to make sure that I have enough money for my plants. This option does actually take a while because it takes a good few days for my plants to be completely grown and everything.

I will almost always have my machines and buildings producing items for any boat orders that I may have in the future. Therefor, my boat orders will almost always get completed. The boat orders give me lots of XP and lots more if I complete it. Sometimes if my barn is full, I will go through my friends list to see if anyone has an exclamation by their picture saying they need help. If I am lucky, I will click to go to their farm and see what they need help with. If I can help them, I will to get their XP. It’s very easy.

“Click and Go”
This is a little technique that I like to call Click and Go. What I do is, click on my newspaper and click on anything advertised by someone. Once I’m directed to their farm, I immediately see if there is anything I can help with on their boat or withered plants. If not I leave. It’s so fast but also takes time to find someone in need of help.

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