Goat Yard

Goat yards are shelters for goats. The first yard is unlocked at level 32.

Goat Yard
Goat Yard
Price 1 000 coins
Houses Goat
Amount of animals in each 4
Maximum number of shelters 3
First shelter unlocked at Level 32
Second shelter unlocked at Level 37
Third shelter unlocked at Level 50


The yard is a fenced square, on plain ground.


Each yard costs 1,00 gold and can hold up to four goats. The second yard is unlocked at level 37, and the last one at level 50. Building them takes no time.

Strategy tips

  • If you have some object obscuring your view of the goats tap on the pen. If the harvest or feed icon are in color then you can harvest or feed at least one goat.

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