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Unlocked at Level: Production time Produces Fed with Housed in
32 8 hour Goat MilkGoat Milk Goat FeedGoat Feed Goat YardGoat Yard
Amout Price
1 – 5 2150
6 – 10 5400
11 – 15 8650
Hungry Full Ready

The three stages of Goats


General Information:
First unlocks at: Level 32
Initial price 2150 coins
Production time 8 hours
Produces Goat Milk
Fed with Goat Feed
Housed in Goat Yard
Cost of each animal (by amount):
1-4 goats 2150 coins
5-8 goats 5400 coins
9-12 goats 8650 coins

The Goat unlocks at Level 32 and is a production animal. Goats are housed in the Goat Yard and up to four goats can be put inside of one. Goats produce Goat Milk and are fed with Goat Feed  A second Goat Yard opens on Level 37, and the cost for each goat increases to a maximum of 8 650 coins. Goat Feed takes 40 minutes to produce, feeds three Goats, and requires:

  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 Corn
  • 2 Carrot

Goats produce Goat Milk every 8 hours, which is used to make Goat Cheese.

Price per goat:

  • First four goats: 2150 coins each
  • Next four goats: 5400 coins each
  • Last four goats: 8650 coins each

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