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Hay Day – April Booster Pack 2018

Hay Day – April Booster Packs 2018 are out now in-game for a short time only. Get your diamonds and boosters before they go. Hay Day boosters are for the fishing area, the farm and the town. Each booster is for a set time limit and will allow you to do many things in Hay Day.

Faster Machines, Free Tom or Helpers, More XP, Shorter Building tasks. So many choices to be gained in Hay Day Booster Packs.

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  1. I liked subbed and turn on notifications and your my favorite youtuber

  2. Can we trade items? My name on hay day are CudaCells Farm and we are friends on hay day

  3. Did notice an issue with the new ID update. On both of my farms and both of my wifes farms sometimes it will kick us out of game when clicking on town, fishing, or cash register pop out. This all started after update.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    As for the booster packs I love them. This and the holidays are the best times to get diamonds. I do agree extra permanent booster slots would be wonderful. I would pay diomonds to get them.

    My favorite boosters are town building timer speed ups.

  4. I will be purchasing them also as soon as I get on the game. Hoping for an xp booster most. ? Then hoping for boosters for my 2 favorite guys within the game, Tom and Ernest. Love them. Not as much as you but they are great. ? Then maybe a fill boat crate booster. Those are my favorites but will be happy with them all. I agree about booster storage needing to be larger. I am having to either use 30 diamonds to keep one, swap it or trash it. Always a tough decision. Great video. ?

  5. Like if you think that hay day needs a special barn just for tools like AXE,SAW,TNT,DEEDS,HAMMER, STAKE,MALLETS ,AND STUFF LIKE THAT O DON'T THINK IT SHOULD BE WITH IN THE SAME BARN AS FOODS.

  6. Purchased them all. Got 2 xp boosters that I wanted the most. ? Also got a free Tom booster I wanted. No Ernest but will still be using him cause I love him. Got a Rose booster I love but I don't usually use her because she messes with my feed task. She will sometimes beat me to feeding animals even though I collect from them cause her stock is full. No boat crate boosters but 2 lure boosters I like. The others are good I got. ?

  7. I've been waiting for these! — I do wish that there was some way of telling regular boosters acquired during the game from purchased boosters. I would try to use those sooner to make room for more acquired ones. — Thanks for your valuable videos!

  8. Heads up people! What they put in his booster packs this time is deplorable! I received Lurers, lobsters, nets, XP points and one crate to fill for your boat. Who uses that? I'm barely over there!They were horrible this time. There is no rose no Tom, they didn't even give you buildings that go faster, or crops that grow faster that you can actually use another way that hay day can scam you. Don't buy! You've been warned!

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