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Hay Day Beginner’s Guide


  • Coins: This is the main currency in Hay Day. You obtain them by selling your products through Sales Venues such as the Delivery Truck or the Roadside Shop, and also by selling to Farm Visitors, which are NPCs that randomly visit your farm. The coins are used to purchase buildings, animals and materials from other players through the Roadside Shop.
  • Diamonds: This is the game hard currency. Besides buying diamings with real life money, you can obtain diamonds from completing achievements and opening lock boxes. You use diamongs to speed up processes and instantly complete orders for items you are missing.
  • Vouchers: You unlock vouches after you reach level 20. This currency is obtained by completing orders from trucks and boats and are used to purchase pets and decors.


Tap an empty field. Then drag wheat over the fields to plant the seeds. Seeds need time to grow. When harvested, each field produces two crops (meaning, it produces two units of crops/items). Remember that for each single crop harvested you obtain two seeds, sew them several times to multiply the amount of seeds, they are key to progress through the game.

Harvesting Fields

Once your crops are fully grown, you will notice that when tapping on them a Scythe icon will show up, tap and drag it through all the ready crops

Farm Animals

In order to get farm animals, you need to buy them from the shop, simply tap on the one you want (if it’s greyed out it means you still have to unlock that animal before being able to purchase it) and drag it to its corresponding building.


Non producing animals do not need shelters and wander around the farm. The only way to purchase them is with Vouchers

You can speed up the production process by tapping on the animal and tapping again on the bolt icon, this action costs diamonds.

Feeding Animals

All animals in Hay Day need to be fed in order to produce goods. You must tap on each individual animal and then. Make sure your animals never go hungry by building a feed mill. Each farm animal requires a different type of food, the food is produced at the feed mill and this building indicates which crop material requires in order to produce that specific food. Remember, after you harvest each animal, you need to feed it again, otherwise it won’t began creating more goods again.

How To Paint Buildings

Tap on any building

Trees and Bushes

Besides farm animals and crops, you also have at your disposal Trees and Bushes, each one producing different types of fruits and seeds, such as the Cacao Tree and Raspberry Bush.

Leveling Up

Each time you level up, you not only obtain gold coins, but also unlock new improvements, such as buildings, crops and goods. Also, you obtain extra field patches, which let you grow more crops. For each new level, you gain 3 patches of land. Following the order board is probably the fastest way to level up, at least in the early stages of the game. Harvesting crops also get you XP points


In Hay Day, you have several types of buildings. Each building has a certain construction time, the more advanced the building is, the more time needs to be finished, once it’s done you will see the building wrapped into a gift box.

Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters are buildings that let you add farm animals, which are the ones that produce different type of goods and materials. The shelters only give space to the

Production Buildings

Production Buildings; allow you to process raw materials, like wheat, into products like bread, these buildings are located in the third tab in the shop. All these buildings have their own menu that display the entire range of products they can manufacture. Once these products are finished, you can sell them to visitors.

Storage Buildings

Storage buildings let you do just that, store items you produce. There are many different storage buildings, each one focus on giving shelter and space to items like Crops, End products, etc.

The Order Board

The order board shows which orders are available. Earn money and experience by delivering them. You can tap the truck or the order board to make your deliveries. If the order can be fullfilled it will ticked, you can see the detail on the right side of each order by tapping on it. Now, you must claim your reward for delivering the order by tapping on the truck once it comes back. Among many locations, you will get orders from the Kindergarten and Susan’s Store

Hay Day Friends

You can add as many friends as you want as neighbors from the Friend Bar, accessed through the icon located on the bottom right side of the screen. Then tap on the “Friends” tab. Friends can only be added through your facebook account, make sure you are logged in through the facebook app first. Friends are many times key to your progress, because they have Roadside Shops where you can buy stuff you don’t have and need, such as seeds.

Sales Venues

The Roadside Shop will be the first Sales Venue you will come across, where you can exchange goods/materials and seeds for coins. The boat, the newspaper and the wheel of fortune come in later in the game. You will eventually obtain Vouchers from special delivery trucks and boats, use them to trade them for special items. You can place goods for sale in your own Roadside Shop for other players to buy. The newspaper is the best way to check out what you neighbors have for sale (tap on the mailbox in your farm entrance).

Expanding Your Farm

In order to get more space to build new storage, production or shelter facilities you will have to cut down the trees surrounding it at the early stages of the game. In order to do so you need a saw, for each tree, you need a new saw, and these cost diamonds to adquire. New expansion slots will become available as you level up, giving you access to the Mine for instance.


Completing achievements is a good method to obtain Diamonds. You have a total of 78 achievements, each one having 3 levels. Each time one of these levels is finished, you are given a ribbon and 1,2 or 3 diamonds respectively. Through this menu, you can also challenge Game Center friends to beat their scores or earn achievements. Challenges are sort of races where the first to finish that goal gets the reward. You must claim the achievement reward in order to obtain it.

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