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Hay Day – Booster Boats, Help Request

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  1. First like, first view
    Yay I made it 🙂

  2. Help events are going to be a thing of the past with the supercell ID…i hope you realize that…because people are going to help their own baby farms..not neighborhood friends…slowly but surely that is going to end…especially those who have 3 or more farms…well except you…maybe…think about it…i think it is already starting to happen…especially that person in your stream who said they have 12 farms…lol…I think the ID is a good thing but it's going to change the dynamics of the game.

  3. I know you have mentioned this before, but I'd really love a system to tell purchased boosters from gameplay boosters. — Also, and this is more important to me, I'd like some way to make my help requests invisible so that my wonderful ever-vigilant 150 friends won't grab the helps I'm trying to give my hoodies for a help task. I mean, I love the friends book, and now that mine is full, getting help filling boats has been so nice! A blessing and a curse! LOL

  4. New farm. I need people who love playing this game all the time. I love the derby and hope you do too. Level 40 and about come on over.
    TAG: 9V00QRQC
    Farm name: POUPAPIE

  5. Hi Ricky. I’m slowly playing Hay Day again. I found something interesting in the video. I didn’t know about the seagull on top of the boat.

  6. I help as much as I can too. Totally agree with making the booster storage larger. I used to sometimes call in boats early to get the boosters but now that I am full, it's just using my diamonds to keep booster or trash it plus the ones I used for calling the boat early. 😩 I still do this for the puzzle pieces sometimes if I can do the boat quickly. Great video. ❤

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