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Hay Day – Diamond Purchase Packs, Valentines Decoration

It’s time for the Hay Day Diamond Purchase Packs! Expect the following changes from a normal Hay Day Diamond Packs:

– Special Offer One includes 130 diamonds and five, thats 5 Lantern Fences.
– Special Offer Two includes 275 diamonds and a Little Tiger Statue.
– Special Offer Three includes 570 diamonds and a Dog Statue.

The Hay Day Dog Statue comes with a Hound Puppy.

Purchase these diamonds now while they are available. The diamonds are only here for the week.

The second part of the video looks at the Fishing Event Prize. We won the Valentines Heart Hedge. Add this to the Cupid Statue and the Valentines Wagon then decorate for Valentines.

The Cupid Statue and the Valentines Wagon can be bought for 90 diamonds

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  1. 2nd. Hi Ricky, I love the Valentine’s Day gift ?

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  4. Happy Valentine's Day Ricky.

  5. Happy valentine’s ❤️

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! — Are you sure that's a tiger? Sort of looks like a cross between a raccoon and a hamster. Ah well.

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  11. Hi Ricky I see u in game??

  12. So in love how you bought those package like they are all $1 ?? so jealous

  13. Hey Rick, for someone who talks so much, I don't see how you could let your chat back up to 99. Lol. The heart hedge decor looks nice, OK. I have a suggestion. Can the developers please make a hedge and perhaps a type of wall that joins diagonally across the grid unlike the all of the current ones that join only squarely? And please, sell them for coins.

  14. As much as I fish——- I never get diamonds

  15. The Dog Statue is cute! The tiger statue looks frightening and not remotely cute! Reminds me of a Pokemon figure!

  16. Most people can’t buy diamonds to get items or play for boat and derby games…..the app is free anyway….I love playing the game….I just work my way to the next level….thanks for creating the game and looking forward to many exciting looks

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  18. Plesse this gift how to get in hindi make video in hindi

  19. Hi Hayday , why my farm haven’t get the valentine decoration , can you sent it ? Thanks.

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  22. مرحبا اني مشترك جديد ممكن تبيععلي ادوات

  23. Happy Valentines Everyone

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