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Hay Day Live – Stream Mascot and Town Upgrades

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  1. tysm 4 accept my friend request

  2. How do i join the chat on your stream?

  3. If anyone is interested in joining an awesome neighborhood then join mine. it's called twenty one pilots. My username in gøner so you can find me:)

  4. Hey Ricky I've joined your lower farms hood my nameIs aryaman

  5. ricky tqsm for adding me in next video please review my farm i updated my decos for valentines day pls review me and pls reply

  6. Ricky your really good Youtuber 🙂

  7. really nice video.I wait for the next

  8. I hate yur baby farm just love ur 106 level farm. Make those videos plz ricky? What has happened to u ? I want u as u were 2 years before!

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