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Hay Day Maggie – New Designs June 18th 2018

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  1. You made good choices. Shame it requires so many vouchers. I haven't even changed the tires because they are very costly and not enough change to them for me. I would like there to at least be a discount option on designs we've already bought. Like there could be the word discount or something on top of that design. Not only would it be cheaper but we would know if we've purchased it already without having to look at the book. I really hope they do something to improve her. My coinage has dropped dramatically. 😔

  2. This game made me quit, reason was I was not getting Diamonds from movie trailers, even though I did not pay to get any Diamonds. The whole game is based on Diamonds, and when I cannot get it for free, then there is no point of playing.

  3. astmr ya wrdh
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  4. مٌمٌگٍنَ تٍشتٍرگٍونَ بقنَاَْتٍيِ وگٍونَ مٌمٌنَونَگٍمٌ

  5. اَْلّعربيِ اَْلّفُاَْرغٌ يِضرب لّاَْيِگٍ

  6. You have a lot of diamonds 😯

  7. What your 4 million coin gone

  8. Nice! Changes coming for Maggie!

  9. ارجو تكون ترجمة بلعربية لكي يتسنا لنا فهم محتوة الفيديو مع الشكر والتقدير

  10. Soy nuevo en este canal y vengo de hay day

  11. لو تترجم للعربية سوف تجذب العرب لك

  12. atmny an ttrjm aly alurby arjwk lky nfhm ltjcb alurb lk

  13. Friend request me phillip8042(heyday)

  14. I hope the changes are with Maggie. I think it's unfair to buy all these things from her and we don't get to use them. I want to be able to change things often. She makes me spend a whole lot of diamonds, and vouchers. 🙁

  15. Amazing video! So inspiring!

  16. ,,شكرا علئ الرد لكني بحثت ولم اجد اللغة العربية لكن فديوهاتك جدا ممتعة واحاول استفيد من بعضها بلتوفيق والنجاح

  17. I'm really enjoying Maggie Mondays now, but I do have to stick by a budget so I won't overspend.

  18. I would never have enough diamonds to keep doing this.

  19. الرجاء الترجمه للعربيه لنستفيد اكثر …شكراااا

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