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Hay Day – Mystery Derby – Did You Laugh or Cry

Hay Day with Ricky Burnett aka R3DKNIGHT, gives you the chance to learn all about Hay Day. We do live streams twice weekly, giveaways for posters, stickers, merchandise and even diamonds on occasion all with the support of Supercell and the Hay Day team.

Todays Hay Day video has me doing my first mystery task in the derby. Its was fun and is still fun but was it challenging. The new derby has been well received by many Hay Day players but not all.

I think this has added a new level of excitement to the derby and I welcome more like this. Let me know if you laughed or cried.

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  1. will opt out of next derby if I can suppress my competitive inner hayday addict

  2. I don't do the Mysterytask, only the normal task.

  3. I got a town task, but the specific people aren’t coming to my town.?

  4. we did all mystery tasks and I took a couple I would not have normally done like goat milk or sheep wool. that is why i would consider opting out in the future. i like to go faster, lol. used a few diamonds. Not happy about using the diamonds

  5. I had a truck and fishing task so far

  6. I have done one mystery so far a fishing task pretty cool needed the fish anyway. Doing a boat at moment had booster but will go for another mystery next. Its definitely a challenge but adds excitement i think it will grow on me.

  7. I lucked out and had all reasonable tasks. I was worried though! Much better than the tic tac toe tasks! Hate that one! I guess I meant the bingo derby?

  8. best derby ever. I have even played it on my baby farm lvl 40. Great tasks 😀

  9. I love this game and mistery derby is the best !

  10. I can see that this derby has its place for many. I did 1 mystery task and it stressed me out to no end so I didn’t do any more and won’t in the future. I normally do tasks around my schedule and there is no way to figure that element in when taking the task. As I said, it can be a good change up and quite nice for some players but just not for me.

  11. I've had:

    255 strawberry fields (took forever, but otherwise not bad)
    25 helps (yay!)
    14 green smoothies (not bad!)
    530 corn (yay!)
    100 kg of fish (not bad at all!)
    13 townies in diner (Working on it, going to take a while but I like these tasks)

    I am really enjoying the Mystery Derby, it's exciting. There is something really fun about not knowing what kind of task you are going to get!

  12. Its all about luck sir…what task we get dont know…

  13. For me it was pretty depressing. Since I'm newly level 37 i got 108 pounds of fish. So I think it will help giving more stars to the fish hook machine. But yeah, I felt the trouble lol

  14. I have had one and still not finish it because i have a life

  15. I loved it. Terrifying and exciting . I was fortunate to get tasks I was prepared for !! Yay!! Only got one that was horrible and that was bacon .. I hurried to shut Rose down but she had already collected from my pigs so I had to wait four hours to start . Eeeeek!!! But all in all it was great fun. The hay day team has really gone all out to make the game fresh, and exciting . Wtg !!!

  16. I'm enjoying it. I am keeping prepared by having my town and truck orders stacked, and keeping stocked up on any main ingredients I might need (like wax!). Downside — not making much XP on my farm because, besides town and truck on hold, I'm only fully loading machines when going to bed because I don't know what machines I might have to use. I'm level 109, and usually level up about every 10 days. Not gonna happen this time, but I'm in no rush so no problem. This has been a nice change. Gamblers oughta love it!

  17. Loved this derby! I finished it yesterday and I was lucky enough to not get any boat orders or town visitors to serve in the mystery tasks. For once, it was quite an easy derby for me.

  18. I have liked this derby. Iv loved my tasks. For one of the tasks I got a cinema one but with help from my hood I got it all done. Great derby. ?

  19. I like this derby but some of the task was horrible hahahah?????

  20. I have done 3 of them, and mostly it is doable. But, I agree, it feels like gambling hoping for something that is not a killer. I like knowing ahead of time to start manufacturing products before I actually click the task, but sometimes someone gets the task U was saving for the task. So far I have been able to complete them.

  21. I have done 3 of them, and mostly it is doable. But, I agree, it feels like gambling hoping for something that is not a killer. I like knowing ahead of time to start manufacturing products before I actually click the task, but sometimes someone gets the task U was saving for the task. So far I have been able to complete them.

  22. My neighborhood is mostly doing the mystery tasks, and since we have many that only do one or two tasks, we can still pull ahead. We are in 2 place for now.

  23. im on my 8th mystery task, im lvl 56, from 1st to current mining 65, basket 40 wool 7 rasberry candle 157 pumkins , 50 wool, 179 animal feed, help 22, 13 spa visitors, mining 97 and current 245 chili pepper

  24. It's nice but unfortunately i got a strawberry task lol ???! Don't have enough fields to harvest them

  25. sending u a crazy card in post to you ricky

  26. I enjoyed picking Mystery tasks. I got 4 fishing tasks and after using all my stocked up lures I had to use a lot of tickets and diamonds to speed up lure making. I had no option to rely on team members and nor could I buy a Tom to help me out. We run the derby as a team and I feel the team should be able to help.

  27. I llove Hay Day but on my 3rd task in Mystery Derby I quit it after getting the same thing 3 times of the one task I stay away from, and I was at the very top. Will never play derby when Mystery Derby again.

  28. When ur only on level 36?

  29. Ricky how do you make your voice like vibrate sort of thing like when you say rrrrrright your voice does this really cool thing

  30. Como fregados vorágine a completar mi tarea iva 1 lugar ahora estoy en 5 lugar X k me salio atender a 9 fuerzudo y nomas no salen desde el jueves tengo esta tarea no es justo y pongan una línea donde se hable español ok no les dejamos ganancia los k hablamos español y quiero una respuesta

  31. I didn't like this mystery tasks as I didn't have the stock and my machines were in use! so I ended up trashing them! the tasks took far too long!
    definitely cry! did not like this at all!

  32. I loved it! Except for getting a goat milk late in the week.

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