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Hay Day – The Blossom Derby

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  1. Hi Ricky I am on your facebook

  2. how do u got 2 same kind of 400 points carrot tasks .??

  3. do we get a new bunch of blossom tasks after the estimated time i.e. 1day 20 hrs of 6 blossom one ??

  4. Can Gino be one of your dog names please

  5. problem with my neighborhood is no one talks. I've tried often to strike up some energy but -nothing. We do still manage to be 5th, -8th in the derby but the blossom derby , I think, isn't going to happen for us. (I'm not a leader just a farmer) Maybe as it becomes more familiar, we'll see

  6. Un joc de familie minunat!

  7. We only got 2 blossom tasks. We deleted one when everyone did it now we only have 1. We are afraid to delete it cause we may not get more

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