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Hay Day Tips for Beginners

When you start the game, just plant a lot of crops such as wheat and corn. Make sure you follow the basic instructions given by the game.

Experience vs Making Money

When you start the game, you should focus on experience first. You will want to hit level 7 quickly to have access to the Roadside Shop. Taking orders with the truck will yield quick experience and some gold.

The Roadside Shop

This is your gateway to making money. Sell your items at a premium to other players for more gold! The sweet spot is always 75% of the max price you can sell your items. For example, if the max price for 2 bacon and eggs are 250 gold, sell it at 180 gold. It will always sell out after a few hours.

Balancing Your Crops and Production

You will always want to make sure to keep at least 1 crop to grow so that you won’t be caught having no ingredients to produce goods. As a general rule of thumb, you will want to keep 2 crops of each kind. Growing 1 crop will always be multiplied by 2, so you will never run out of that crop.

If you accidentally use it all, fear not, you can head over to your friend’s shop to buy them.

Tom the Delivery Boy

Tom gets unlocked at level 14 and is awesome when you need extra crops for production. He can get you some extra crops when you need it for an affordable price. You can use him every 2 hours, which is more than enough if you are a daily player.

Tip: Moving up each level results in a reward of 1 to 3 diamonds for Hay Day farmers.

Watching Trailers

Occasionally, you can watch trailers, which is a letter close to the post box on the floor. Watching them will usually get you 1 gem. They often promote other games.

Getting Diamonds

You can get diamonds by completing achievements. Some times, the treasure chest you find in your farm daily will give you diamonds as well.

Tricks and Cheats

There are many cheats available in this game. One of the easiest tricks is to receive double the amount of usual coin and experience for completion of a boat order. For this cheat, you will need to quickly click on the check mark and hold that check mark down, when a boat comes into the dock and you get an order.

You will need to quickly click the X at the top once you let go the check mark. You will see that you have gained double the amount of usual coins and experience. However, bonuses are not doubled with this trick. Another disadvantage of this cheat is that it is not equally effective after some time. It works brilliantly for the first few tries.

Farm for Land Clearing, Building or Expansion Supplies

Here is a neat trick to get duct tapes, saws, axes bombs quickly. Plant a lot of wheat on your fields. Since wheat only takes 2 minutes, the chances of you getting those supplies are much higher. Check out this video for evidence.

Finding a Toolbox on a Friend’s Farm, Helper’s or a Follower’s Farm

If the box found is closed, you need to tap on the screen. Do not tap on the X button. Now, you need to find the same toolbox on one of your friend’s farm. As long as you find an unlocked toolbox, you will be able to use all the tools which are kept inside this toolbox. With the help of these tools, the farming will keep running smoothly.

In case, the toolbox you found on your friends farm is not unlocked, you will need to keep trying until you find an unlocked toolbox. As long as you keep finding unlocked tool boxes, you can keep using the free tools found in the unlocked tool boxes.

Do Not Sell to Visitors Unless You Need Gold Fast

Try not to sell to any visitors because they are there because they don’t want to pay a premium for your goods. Unless you are really in need of gold, stick to selling your goods in the Roadside Shop for better prices.

You can also sell your excess products to your friends and followers. To get an idea of the sale price, you can check the newspaper to see the ongoing prices. One trick to sell off the produce quickly is to provide a 10% discount on the highest price mentioned in the newspaper.

In case you do not have enough goods to sell, you have the ability to dump the order. The orders will keep coming and you may need to wait a few minutes for the next order but it will come. Each order also displays the money and experience you will earn. These figures are mentioned at the bottom.

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