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Hay Day Update – Update Now – Spring 2018

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  1. Ricky you make upadted hay day video

  2. Hay day when open saying update the game but update not not found

  3. Gotta love that Star Wars inspired roll credits
    Good job Ricky😂

  4. Hi Ricky. Just got the update but the same glitch again!! When you go to “update” the game, there is no option. I can only “open” the game!!?? Help!!!!!!!!!

  5. any one have issue wid update ??

  6. not getting update in play str

  7. 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭Where is update

  8. i dont see the update on the store wtf some help?

  9. it keeps telling me to update but there isn't an update in the store. I event uninstalled the app and downloaded it again. still wouldn't work.

  10. live stream new update ricky curious to see new changes .no option to update here .wht the **

  11. just now it update button shows i updated thanks


  13. plsss help me ricky to update not showing

  14. Nice video though Ricky. :-)! Guys if you would like to see another video of Hay Day new update! Look at my channel. I post the videos of HD every week. Thank you 🙂

  15. Is it true that once we update the truck/shop/house, they will stay that way permanently? Maggie is saying we're stuck with what we choose

  16. Do you still do the farm design show around?

  17. Hey dude could you add me? Looking for farms to look for inspiration. SpringTime, sent you a request. Thanks

  18. I'm enjoying the update, except …. my farm won't connect to Facebook, and my Facebook friends (including Ricky) have disappeared. When I tap on the Facebook icon on the friends bar, it asks if I want to connect, but though I say yes, it ends up back where I started, with no Facebook. Ideas, anyone?

  19. Update locked me out oh HD. Downloaded update, stuck in loop, telling me to update. Any suggestions?

  20. Rick, to answer your question, iPad2. Reattempted to access HD again this evening and it opened the update like it should have. Back to normal on HD and I appreciate the suggestions.

  21. The update will often take some time to show in the stores. Just be patient and it will come. Best option is to close the game. Open the store and look for the update icon.

    If it's not there then just wait until your store has it as each region is different. It will come but not always at the same time.

    Once the update comes installing over the air may cause issues and crash. in this case deleting the game and reinstalling is a good fix.

    If you can't instal over the air then direct soupy can via your pc is best. Saves dropped data.

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