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Holiday Decorations

New Year’s decorations

New Year’s decorations are only available around New Year’s Day.

Birthday Cake Chicken Balloon Cow Balloon Gold Telescope
Birthday Cake Chicken Balloon★ Cow Balloon★ Golden Telescope
90 Diamond 12 Diamond 12 Diamond 90 Diamond
Pig Balloon Typewriter
Pig Balloon★ Typewriter★
12 Diamond 90

Easter decorations

Easter decorations are only available around Easter.

Chick Nest Daffodils Easter Basket Easter Tree
Chick Nest★ Daffodils Easter Basket Easter Tree★
35 Diamond 1,500 Coins 45 Diamond 45 Diamond
25 Experience
Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Bunny
90 Diamond

Summer decorations

Summer decorations are only available during the Summer season.

Picnic Mat Pool With Slide
Picnic Mat Pool With Slide★
Diamond 6,000 Coins
25 Experience 25 Experience

Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations are only available in October.

Candy Cauldron Cemetery Fence Gargoyle Haunted Birdhouse
Candy Cauldron Cemetery Fence Gargoyle Haunted Birdhouse
15 Diamond Diamond 90 Diamond 20 Diamond
25 Experience
Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Pedestal Spider Tree Spooky Plant
Jack O’ Lantern★ Pumpkin Pedestal Spider Tree★ Spooky Plant
2,000 Coins 5,000 Coins 40 Diamond 40 Diamond
25 Experience
Spooky Pumpkin Tombstone
Spooky Pumpkin★ Tombstone
25 Diamond 10 Diamond
25 Experience

Winter decorations

Winter holidays decorations are only available in December.

Big Frozen Pond Candy Cane Bench Candy Pole Gingerbread Man
Big Frozen Pond Candy Cane Bench Candy Pole Gingerbread Man
14 Diamond Purple Voucher 30 Green Voucher 5,000 Coins 10 Diamond
Gingerbread Woman Holiday Bell Holiday Fence Holiday Flower
Gingerbread Woman Holiday Bell★ Holiday Fence Holiday Flower
10 Diamond 90 Diamond Diamond 300 Coins
25 Experience 15 Experience 15 Experience
Holiday Gifts Holiday Light Fence Holiday Reindeer Holiday Tree
Holiday Gifts Holiday Light Fence★ Holiday Reindeer Holiday Tree★
2,500 Coins Diamond 70 Diamond 30 Diamond
18 Experience 25 Experience
Mr Snow Ms Snow Reindeer Small Frozen Pond
Mr. Snow Ms Snow Reindeer Small Frozen Pond
25 Diamond 25 Diamond 50 Diamond 10 Diamond
25 Experience
Snowball Lantern Snowglobe Snow Sledge Toy Soldier
Snowball Lantern★ Snowglobe★ Snow Sledge Toy Soldier
Diamond 110 Diamond 90 Diamond Diamond
25 Experience 25 Experience 25 Experience
Winter Arch Winter Carousel Winter Lantern Winter Reindeer
Winter Arch Winter Carousel★ Winter Lantern Winter Reindeer
Golden Voucher 15 Blue Voucher 120 Diamond 2,500 Coins 50 Diamond
25 Experience 25 Experience
Holiday Decorations
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Holiday Decorations
Holiday Decorations
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  1. Yes I too never saw the Christmas decorations especially the Grandfather clock available to buy in my decoration icon during the Christmas tree….???

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