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How to make enough cream, butter, cheese and sugar!

Do I need a second Dairy or sugar mill?

You may think that it is impossible to keep producing enough dairy products to support production of ice cream, cakes and even pizza’s in Hay Day. The truth is that if you don’t use cream and sugar wisely it would be impossible to keep up without a second or even third dairy. However, for one the makers of the game do not intend to add the option to add an additional dairy or sugar mill for that matter, so you will need to consider the tips below and manage how you use these essential items.

Cream and Sugar are King!

Making Cakes, Ice Cream and and other items on Hay Day can require large amounts of cream and sugar, so how do you manage your sugar mill and dairy so you don’t run out! You may think that you need more than one dairy to creamkeep up but if you manage your farm effectively you’ll have more than enough on hand to meet demand.

Set yourself up for success

First things first, you’ll need to open all the slots on your dairy and sugar mill as soon as you can. With 9 slots available you can queue up items to continue running while you aren’t actively playing the game, over four hours for 9 lots of butter and around 3 hours for 9 creams. Items such as Syrup and Cheese can be queued up to run over night! So if you play the game a few times a day, even if it’s only to queue items in the dairy and sugar mill you should have plenty of these staples available for your other produce such as cakes and ice cream.

User your time wisely

Using the time it takes to make different produce items to your advantage will help you stay in control. If you are running low Dairyon cream for example, then choose a product that takes the most time to make, such as Strawberry Ice Cream in the Ice Cream Maker. You could even make Cherry popsicles instead if you have Syrup and Cherry juice. You should be making items such as Syrup and Cherry juice overnight as they take a long time to make. (1h16 for Sugar Syrup and 2h7 for Cherry Juice fully mastered!)

Master your machines

On that note to acheive mastery on any machines you’ll want to keep them running as long as possible when your not around. So queueing up items to run as long as possible is the way to go. If you have to but milk to keep the dairy running then don’t hesitate to do so. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the amount of sugar cane you have on hand and plany crops as needed.

Hold on to your assets

Don’t sell anWhite_Sugary dairy products i.e. cheese, butter and cream, and syrup, brown or white sugar in the road side stall. Trash truck and boat orders that ask for them and send your farm and town visitors packing! Buy this stuff whenever you see it for sale in the newspaper as you’ll always have a use for it.

Plan ahead

Items from the dairy and sugar mill tend to be required in combinations of brown sugar with butter and white sugar with cream so you will want to keep the quantities as close as possible.

Be consistent

The last and most important tip is to play the game frequently, even if you complete a handful of tasks. Tend to your bees, load Sugar_Mill_Masteredup the lure and net maker, milk your cows and queue items in the sugar mill and dairy. You can continue to make items long after your barn has been filled as they will lay on the ground beside the machine up to a limit. As you advance in the game and get more and more machines you want be able to do everything. But if you focus on the key items consistently you’ll have more than enough raw ingredients to get by on.

How to make enough cream, butter, cheese and sugar!
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How to make enough cream, butter, cheese and sugar!
How to make enough cream, butter, cheese and sugar!
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