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How to recover your farm on iOS

If you lost your farm for some reason, there’s a chance that you can restore it yourself, but it’s not certain. Please try these steps:

1. Delete Hay Day from your device
2. Log out from Facebook and Game Center from your device
3. Restart your device
4. Login to your own Facebook account and/or Game Center account (which you used when you played your farm)
5. Re-install Hay Day from App Store
6. Launch Hay Day
7. You should get the popup asking if you want to continue your “old” farm, and again tap on “YES, LOAD GAME”
8. The next popup is the confirmation popup, and type CONFIRM (in capital letters), depending on your language settings

If you need to transfer your farm from/to between iOS and Android devices, please refer to this guide: http://bit.ly/HayDaySwitch

You should now be playing your farm! If this doesn’t help, please use the in-game Report An Issue (Game Settings -> Help and Support) to contact the Hay Day support. If you email them, please provide them with your lost farm’s name, which level it is, your Facebook URL (example: http://www.facebook.com/IDNUMBERORNAME)

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  1. I have followed the directions online and still cannot get my game to transfer from an old iPad to a new one. the only thing that shows up on my new iPad is the game at level 1. I need help please.

  2. I missing my farm

  3. i lost prince farm 2017 november

  4. i lost my hayday farm prince farm november 2017

  5. i lost prince farm 2017 november

  6. Please help to fix my google account to get tom to run for me again I have my whole farm but can’t buy diamond’s that’s my only problem

  7. Hii, I have contacted from my new game & on hay day FB but I see no support..
    From the FAQs I understand, lost farm can be retrieved, hence I am seeking help level 33

  8. I lost my farm at 42 lavel…
    Plz help to recover my farm .
    Not connect to Facebook and google.
    Plz help to give recover code how process to find recover code….?
    Plz help me



  10. Hi, my friends farm was somehow deleted at level 95. How do I restore it. I have logged her out of FB and Hayday as seen on instructions and am attempting to log her back in. Please advise if this is what should be done before I make matters worse.
    Her name is Mary Jane Scott, level 95 and we play together as Ruby’s Kids

    Thank you

  11. Hi my farm name is #Eita#..I was on level 101..and my neighbourhood was DHEER BEAUTY..my leader group name Hillsangus..can I get my old farm plz help me…

  12. I am going to be switching from an android to an.apple 4s. How will I recover my farm when the tramsfer takes place?

  13. hi my naveen Kumar my level 36 unfortunately hay day deleted today I need help plz help me my neighborhood Ravikiran, panesha, prathvisha. john, sanju plz help me I traid to reconcet but its come a new farm what can I do now

  14. Can’t even delete game at all from any were

  15. I mistakenly got my hayday deleted from my ipad, it was not connected with goggle play or facebook…can I get it back from the level which It had earlier, how can I resume my hayday from the same device?? Please answer my this question and help me please

  16. Please help reregistered my iPad from my husbands name to mine. iPad1 iOS5.1.1 it was registered as louis@fortel.co.za now my farm doesn’t want to open it go as far as loading and then closes. Please help I love my farm JJD. Thanks

  17. corintheus stallings

    Germaine 24 level 52 neighborhood name is just Winn baby…I lost my farm trying to reset ipad…..and this is not the tablet I had ito n

  18. Hi i have a big problem , my partner and i was fan of hay day but my partner had a relationship in hayday group chat and i found out about it so we are keep on fighting every day untol such time that i want to leave my partner for good. But my partner beg me to stay the real problem is my partners keep on having a relationship with the same girl. How can i delete the hay day permanently in my partners ipad and iphone that cannot be retrieve tnx….

  19. Please answer this question because this really ruined me. I deleted hay day then I installed it then there was two buttons 1. Yes,Load Game 2. No, Keep Current Game, I accidentally pressed the 2nd one so please find a way to get back.

  20. Hi, I had a farm in my GC but mistakenly erase, I still keep my farm in level 75 in facebook but I want the GC have my farm level 75 and not a new one was created. Can you help me?

  21. I lost my farm my form name vishnuvenu level 48 , my neighbourhood was ali, monsel . Please help me I love my farm

    • You need to contact supercell

      • How if when I press the “I” bottom i got no option to do so?

      • How? My mom was on level 59, after the last iOS updat of hayday, she can’t access the game. It loads and shuts the game off. I have followed the steps provided and sent an email to supercell then they directed me to contact the support folks. Ugh! I can’t find anyway the I can email the info to. PLEASE HELP,! It’s been 2 weeks and I’m out of help!!!!!!!

  22. I cannot connect through the app to my farm I continually receive a try again message
    Farm name Railroadr
    Level 25

  23. Hii, is anyone there from hay day to help, players

  24. Hii, can I expect help from support team or do I stop playing n chasing for help???

  25. Hii,

    I have lost my farm after the last hay day update on 12th March 2015, I have been seeking support on the game but with no response. please help asap.

    1.Farm Name – Yoyo
    2. level 65
    3. Neighbourhood – Rancel
    4. After the updates on 12th , I have not been able to connect . Finally i re installed Hayday & saw a new game . From the new game < i have been rehang support team but in vain. please help
    5.From my device , I have created a new game & am seeking restoration of my old farm

    • Hii. I have deleted the old farm, deleted FB but my old farm could never be logged in thru FB. Yes it used to get logged in with the Google account I have mentioned in my reply box. Upon relaunching hay day, there was no pop-up on old farm log in, and a new farm launched. That’s why I am seeking immediate help for recovery of my old farm. Kindly treat this as important & extend help.

      Please respond instant. Thank you

  26. Hi my farm name is fooshfarm, I was on level 49? And my neighbourhood was Ray ‘o’ sunshine, I access this game on my galaxy tab 2

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