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How to setup a new device with your farm (iOS and Android)

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  1. Dharmendra Pawar

    not connected to device

  2. I need to transfer my old farm from old device & Apple ID to new device and new Apple ID.
    How can I do it? please help me.

  3. V.M.Mohamed Faiz

    i have connected a mail with a farm and i have disconnected that mail now i wanted to change another mail on the same farm.
    when i connect it shows that you have already connected to a mail with this farm.

    how to change another mail by disconnecting a mail in hayday ?

  4. How to change my hay day game iOS to Android with my same level…

  5. Hi,
    I have a problem that i dont know if many other people do.
    I am trying to transfer my Ipads Hayday to my new Ipad Mini. In my Ipad i have a lvl 34 hay day. Everytime i enter into the lvl 34 account it gives me a choice to continue playing on the lvl 34 account or a lvl 6 account that i started a while back. The lvl 6 account is the ICloud choice whilst the lvl 34 one is saved on the Ipad itself. As i joined onto the Ipad Mini the question comes up asking me which account i would like to use. I would like to use the lvl 34 account but the only options are starting from a new farm on lvl 1 or the lvl 6 farm that is in the cloud. I really would like some help as i have been trying for quite a while. I think i need to share my lvl 34 account to the cloud, however, i do not know how to do that. So please help me and i will love you forever.

    • How do i know which facebook i connected my hayday farm to because i open my hayday and press connect to facebook and it gives me a completely different level farm!! Trying to go from android to iphone no help at all!!

  6. Rachel Stevens

    I lost the phone that had my game on it, is there a way to recover my game.I didn’t have it synced with Facebook.can I get my game back

  7. Rachel Stevens

    I lost the phone that I had my game on, the name I’on it was rachels farm.I was on level 22 mabe 23.I didn’t have it synced too Facebook.is there a way too recover it? Or will I have too download and start all over??

  8. how i can find my deleted farm kinldy help

  9. How to transfer my hay day accoung google+ to My fb account

  10. It’s very effortless to find out any matter on web as compared to textbooks, as I found this paragraph at this website.

  11. I can’t get back my game on new phone hayday

  12. Hello dear how can I unlock icloud from 5s if you know that so please please response me I need this I have activation code he couldn’t open

  13. supercell please make hayday and clash of calans available on pcs with same account

  14. i at 35 level
    i am playing this game in my tab hoe to get connect with my phone…??? pls help me

  15. My hay day game is not up to date my level is 57 and when I m update this game they saying to your device is not completable this version I love this game please help me

  16. My leval 47

  17. I am trying to download hay day in android tablet but when the game is downloaded 99% , then the error says (can’t download app due to an error:-24. Please reply me I love this game but my tablet can’t download hay day. PLEASE REPLY ME. PLEEEEEEEEASE.

  18. hello, how could i transfer my farm from android to ios? My level is 45 , and i love my farm. Thanks a lot for this lovely game ………. thanks

  19. I can’t continue the game
    Pls replay me

  20. I can’t continue the came

  21. How to transfer my hay day accoung google+ to another google+ account

    • If you would like to play your farm on two different Android devices, all you need to do is connect your farm to the same Google+ account on both devices.

      Please follow these steps:

      – Make sure the Google account that you are using on your primary device (where you are currently playing) is joined to Google+
      – On your primary (main) device, open Hay Day and go to Settings to make sure your game is connected to Google+
      – Now make sure you are using the same Google account on your secondary device — if not, go to Settings > Accounts, and press ‘+ Add account’ to add the Google account you use on your primary device to be the same as the one on your secondary device
      – Now start a new game of Hay Day on your secondary device, and complete the intro tutorial
      – Open the in-game settings and press ‘G+’ to connect to the same Google+ account that your farm is linked to

      This should do the trick, and Hay Day should now offer to load up your old farm.

  22. My Hay Day Is Google Connected
    FB No Connected Problame

  23. I want to transfer my account from android to iOS. Please fix this supercell.

  24. I want to transfer my farm from iphone to android. I followed every step bt in android ‘connent fb’ button won’t work n shows red always.. I missed my old farm which is connected with fb… How can i transfer my farm on android.,,…. Pls pls pls hlllppppp

  25. I am tryng to download on my LG phone, but the error says ” hay day Could not be downloaded due to an error (905)….how can i download. It..frustrated

  26. How do I transfer my progress on Android to my iPhone?

  27. How do you get your hayday game on an iphone onto an android phone?? That is what I want to know.

  28. How to transfer my hayday in android to ios

  29. I could kiss you!! I thought I had lost it all. Thank you! Thank you!

  30. how to download hay day game in windows phone

  31. You are amazing, thank you so much, playing on my iPhone was getting really irritating moving all over the place. Now on my iPad its large and awesome.
    Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!

  32. Please free gems and coins

  33. i wnt to.transfer my farm to android to iphone…plz hlp…

  34. Carmen caraballo

    I got a new phone and I downloaded hay day and started it but how do I access my old account? I was at level 56

  35. My daughter had her own account on the game center and I had my account on facebook my daugther accidentally log into my facebook account know my farm is gone it just show her farm what can i do to make it right

  36. 31 level ripley piliz helmi

  37. My son had Hay Day installed on his tablet. We had to send the tablet back to Samsung to get some work done on it, they updated everything and removed all of our games and apps. We were able to install everything again BUT the games make us start all over again instead of where we left off. HELP, my son is so bummed out? Is there anyway to take us back to where we left off?

  38. Does anyone know how to transfer a Hay Day farm to a new Apple ID?

  39. No comment at all zack miller said I love hay day

  40. devianaugustina

    anyone please help me. my sister playing hayday but using my apple id, so i can’t play hayday. then i create a new id, when i change apple id and game center on setting the i install hay day, when the game started still my sister farm, how to make a create a new game? i need ur help! tx before

  41. I have got problem.By accident i pressed “No, keep curent game” . I can back to my farm ? Where is it now ? My sister seeing now my account, and i can’t log to my farm.

  42. when i click on ” SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK ” its starts loading and again hayday settings comes back but does not login .
    Can any one tell how to solve the problem

  43. Can I share a farm with ISO and android?

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