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Indigo (equivalent to indigofera plants in real life) is a crop unlocked at Level 13. It grows on field plots by planting a previously harvested (or purchased) indigo plant. Each plot yields 2 plants (net gain of 1 plant) and takes 2 hours to mature.

Indigo can be used to make the following products:

  • Blue sweaters
  • Blue woolly hats
  • Violet dresses
  • Sun hat


Price (coins) 7
Min. price 1 in the market
Max. price 25 in the market
Price (diamonds) 5
Level 13
Duration  2 h
Experience 5
Source Field
Used In
Loom Blue sweater
Blue woolly hat
Sewing Machine Violet dress
Hat Maker Sun hat

Table of products

Name Unlocks at Price Duration Experience Ingredients Production Building
Blue woolly hat

Blue Woolly Hat
Level 19 111 1 h
★★★ 51 min
13 Indigo (1)
Wool (1)
Blue sweater

Blue Sweater
Level 20 208 3 h
★★★ 2 h 33 min
22 Indigo (2)
Wool (2)
Violet dress
Violet Dress
Level 25 327 2 h 15 min
★★★ 1 h 54 min
39 Indigo (1)
Cotton fabric (2)
Sewing Machine
Sun hat

Sun Hat
Level 74 468 2 h 30 min
★★★ 2 h 7 min
66 Indigo (1)
Duck feathers (2)
Wool (3)
Hat Maker

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  1. If I am using 5 diamonds to accelerate harvest time.. Is it for juz 1 plot or the whole lots that I ve planted?

  2. I have already planted indigo but for some reason couldn’t find it in my storage?

  3. And pumpkins as well…

  4. I am level 22 and i have to buy it every time too. Something is wrong with this.

  5. I am on level 14 and I can’t grow indigo I need to buy it all the time and in don’t get any option to plant it please help !!!!

  6. tnx Heepark and Jenna 🙂

  7. Click on the crop bedding. It will show a list of crops. The reason you may not see the indigo is because it will not show it on the first section. You will see an arrow and when you click it there will be more crops. Click on indigo and drag it to the crop bedding. I hope I helped. 🙂

  8. Touch the field first. You can see the list of your seed tha you have. Under the list, there is littel arrow button. Touch it.

  9. Dods not work for me as me as well in level 16.

  10. I’m on level 14 and it still won’t let me plant

  11. What level does this unlock, even if i purchase this it still wont let me plant it and grow more?
    Please help

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