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Lobster trap

Lobster Traps can be made in the Net Maker from Level 44 onwards. Each trap takes two hours to be made or one hour and 45 minute in a mastered machine. No items are required to make it.

Lobster trap
Unlocked at: Level 44
Production time 2 h
★★★ 1 h 42 min
Experience per product 5
Source Net Maker
Ingredients None

When fishing with lobster traps, players can catch lobsters. Traps must remain in the water for approximately six hours before players can pull them or pay 8 diamonds to expedite, no experience points are awarded at this time. Traps cannot be pulled if the Lobster Pool is being repaired or upgraded, or if there is no room for more lobsters in the Pool.

Upon harvesting the lobsters and being placed into the Lobster Pool it will take another 6 hours or 8 diamonds until they are ready to collect, players will be awarded 24 experience points for each lobster tail collected.

The cost for each lobster tail in the Roadside Shop is 56 coins and the maximum price is 201 coins.

There are no Fishing Book rewards for catching lobsters but there are two related achievements (‘Lobster Gourmand’ and ‘Pool Party’).

Lobster traps cannot be bought or sold. They are stored in the Tackle Box.

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