The nail is one of the items needed to upgrade the silo. This item can be obtained randomly by harvesting crops, collecting products or by purchasing them from other players’ Roadside Shops.


  • Only plant corn and sell 10 corn for 20 coins. They take longer than wheat but are more likely to sell fast. Harvesting a lot increases the chance of getting these items.
  • Look through the newspaper for anyone selling the item. You can make this process faster by changing your game’s language setting to quickly reload your game. This gives you a new newspaper every time.
Price (coins) 75
Min. price 1 in the market
Max. price 270 in the market
Price (diamonds) 8
Level 1
Farm Silo
Town Cinema
Fish Tackle Box

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  1. how do i get this item ? could you write tips on this wiki ? if this item come randomly, based on time or math random ? i really need to expand my barn also my silo… thanks

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