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Neighborhood House

Neighborhood Locked
Before repair
Neighborhood House
Neighborhood House
Price 10,000 coins
Level 29
Repairing Time 1 day

The Neighborhood House is available to all players. A player must repair the house. It costs 10,000 coins to repair it. It takes 24 hours to repair.

Once it has been repaired, players can create a neighborhood to chat and play with their closest friends.

Want to get more members in your Neighborhood? Add your Neighborhood name here!

Add your neighborhood

Add your neighborhood
  • What is the name of your neighborhood?
  • Describe your neighborhood. What makes your neighboorhood special?
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  1. Hello farmers! Our close-knit neighborhood is looking to expand by gaining more players. *We only do 320 tasks!* Will adjust rules as necessary to stay in Champion League and win top three. Come join us if you’re a competitive player looking for a consistent winner! (Look for Pottamus Place, blue horse on green shield)

  2. active members anyone can join our neibourhood ..
    good and nice detrby tatics.!!!
    neibourhood name -KORATTY PARDISE

  3. Hey,
    I started a Hay Day neighborhood today and I am looking for people to join… So far there is only me but I know soon there will be more poeple. This neighborhood will be very exclusive and only constant derby players and friendly people are welcome.

    Neighborhood information below:

    Neighborhood Name: VIP Farm

    Neighborhood Emblem: Green dog with blue circle background

    Required level: 40

    Preferred Langauge: English

    Leaders Name (me): Ella123

    If you are interested please search ‘VIP Farm’ in the neighborhoods thing, scroll down to find the green dog with blue background emblem and request to join this neighborhood. I will accept

    Thanks, Ella

  4. I just built my neighborhood house and am looking for a neighborhood to join. Let me know if you have a good neighborhood?. I’m a level 18 farmer and am usually on every day. ??

  5. My neighborhood’s name is Sugarland its a yellow horse with a blue shield .Where active have a great since of humour love to play in the Derby 260 task and over no pressure no diamonds required opt out if desired. If u do opt out pls be helpful with trucks trains and boats. MUST SPEACK ENGLISH!! And active.

    • Plz joinery hood. Friendly, active,often chat, join and willet into champions league. That a GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!!!

      Name: Spiderman!
      Emblem: Red cherries, with blue circle background
      Type: Anyone can join (may be request to join)
      Preferred chat language: English

      P.S. YOU WILL BE CO-LEADER!!!!!!!!!
      Please join and I hope to see you soon!

      Tulip Farm
      (that’s my farm name)

  6. We are looking for people who can complete 5 derby tasks, be a team player and help others. We are also looking for trustworthy people to be ELDERS. Come and join DERBY BOSS the purple horse on the pink square background

  7. Add me please!!!!!!! Name is: pretty girl nail polish
    It’s for anyone who likes girly things!!! Very active and helpful! Talk about makeup, nails, hair, farming, shoes, fashion, and more!!! Please add me:
    Pretty girl nail polish

  8. Add me on fb friend list for hayday my fb id is :- anandjhagraphics@gmail.com

  9. How do I create my own neighborhood once i’m already in one. Do I leave then it will let me make my on hood.. Please help

  10. Please be helpful with good etiquette as you would in normal day to day . Helpful and polite without being grabby with some farm self sufficiency. Have a well kept farm bc it’s a way to judge the newcomer. Be over 20 please and speak English tho we hv nice diverse group who also speak urdu. However base language should be engl please

  11. Marcella McFadden

    Just got kicked out of two neighborhoods and I can’t understand why and I have noticed that since I joined these neighborhoods my tokens are disappearing. Am on level 33 and it seems that about every hour or so I lose a token. Never had a problem until I joined a neighborhood. Am wondering why I got kicked out of 2 neighborhoods I just joined within a day of joining each one and why my tokens are disappearing. Barely chat in the neighborhoods because I am having trouble with my android device and have never said anything other than high and I have planks in my shop.

    • U can join us … We are amazing in helping and doing Derbys and we are all friendly n loving … Fine us our hoods name is Active Farmers … It has a yellow shield with blue cherry … The leader name is monkeyville … If u can find us feel free to email me at monkey110208@gmail … Make sure u state its about hay day

  12. join “Breaking Free Ranch” for very active players. Active in chat, boat help, trades, etc

  13. Hi add me iran Tehran

  14. Join my new group and invite everyone!! It’s named help. It’s the corn with green backround

  15. Join T Town♡ please! Its a yellow chicken with limegreen background!

  16. Hi everyone im trying to start up my own neighborhood as ive been unable to find one that has much activity 🙁 my neighborhood is called chloe’s little helpers (picture is a pink wheel with blue background) please come and join me, im a daily level 40 farmer and am alway looking to help anyone with anything if i can 🙂

  17. Hey ineed peeps 2join my hood
    Im level 51
    ShadyLane puhLeeez?…

  18. Hey everyone! I just started my own neighborhood annd would love if people could join! It’s T Town♡ 》thanks so much, and i hope to see you!

  19. I was always helpful and got reported also two others were reported I am polite and use no foul language dont understand why

  20. Is this melissa of mel,s diner…plz help i hv lost my farm n starting all over again..this is sudhim,s shell

  21. Looking for neighbors to start up my brand new neighborhood, Cherry Blossom! If you are tired of your old neighborhood or are looking for one to join, please help me start this one up so we can make it active, fun, fair, and helpful! I also NEVER sell things at my shop for full price:)

  22. how do you sell stuff to people in the neighborhood chat?

  23. Got kicked out of Green Acres Farm by Over the Hill. Shared (bought and sold) building supplies. Helped with boat orders. Sold items at less than full price. Got kicked. No reason. Ugly. Just ugly.

  24. Join our neighborhood, we play daily and need people who play and like to help each other out.
    neighborhood- hayday everyday. Green symbol with a red bat. Come join

    • I will look for you. I am playing everyday, too. I like to mine ore so have that available everyday. I am looking for
      a communicative group (I have had a message on my current group for 3 days without any response :() and also someone in the group who typically has building supplies available. Tape and nails are always hard for me to locate.

    • I cannot find you!

    • I cannot find you either and I’d love to join! 🙁

  25. I just reported in my neighbourhood. So upset by this. I was having a great time filling orders on boats and helping so many people. Then I go back to my farm and find I’ve been reported. For what. How can this happen. Why aren’t we told what for. I honestly have do e nothing wrong. I don’t understand

    • that sucks, people who own a neighborhood can throw everyone out without any reason if they want. Supercell has to do something about this.

      • Im a leader and do not know the reason people are being reported. I’ve posted asking those who are reporting either leave or let me know what the problem is but they are not forthcoming, Ive changed the group to invitation only but there is nothing I can do when I don’t know who is reporting.

    • You can join us

      hayday everyday
      green symbol with red bat.

  26. Hi friends, My farm name is Frenzy… I am plannig to build a very active neighbourhood… Please join my neighbourhood @ Active @

  27. how can i remove the message kicked out from my inbox? its annoying to see everytime i play it, pls tell me, thank you

  28. How can I find a hay day player?

  29. Hi everyone,
    Join neighbourhood Hay Day Blow-out

  30. Is there a way to keep someone from participating in my hay day game. Like a block? Thanks!

  31. Add me on hayday neighbourhood pls..
    Facebook is meiti88@gmail.com

  32. How Do you start a conversation in your neighborhood?

  33. Christine Borillo

    Join our Group. Pinoy Hayday I will be waiting u there. anyone can join… Very friendly and helpful.

    • I’m looking for a friendly and helpful neighbourhood where people help each other. Can anyone suggest a good one for me to join please?

      • If you haven’t found one yet, you can join us at hayday everyday.
        Green symbol with red bat. Looking for active players

      • We would love for u to try are neighborhood .were very active play Derby 260task and up no diamonds required . opt out if u want if u do we liked if u help those that r in the Derby. Farms name is sugarland yellow horse blue shield. Are farm is open no request to join .

  34. Join our neighbourhood carina&robin we are helpful and are on hayday most of the time

  35. Hello admin, I’m the leader in my neighborhood and someone is reporting others for no reason. I want to know who is the member responsable of this to kicked him/her off. How can I know?? I should be able to see who is reporting. Thanks.

    • Hello, You have to contact Supercell for this matter. Hay Day Wiki is a fan site.

    • Karen, please come back to the neighborhood. The leaders (legendairy, knotts, shsback) have made it invitation only and are adding new rules to minimize the problems. Hope you get this. Rancho.

      • Hi. I’ve kicked out from a neighbourhood and there is a message that says You’ve beed kicked out… . It’s there in my inbox all the time, i tried to join other neighbourhoods and i tried to creat my own neighbourhood but that message never goes away from my inbox. I appreciate if someone would help me. Thnx

  36. Esmeralda barajas

    Neighborhood name— “The Helping hands”

    Leader— Greenfield

    Join my neighborhood O:-)

  37. Esmeralda barajas

    Just made my own neighborhood need people to join 🙁 please help!

  38. Christine Borillo

    How will you know who reported you in chat room? he/she is doing it as a habit and this is not good. We want to reveal that person who is doing reported not only to one people but three in the group. if u know please reply. Thanks

  39. Shawnee brozovich

    Just lost with this neighbor hood stuff really could use some players and to help me out would be great I love helping ppl with thier needs let me know thanks

  40. Join my neighbourhood jatt risky and get first help for free … Come on ladies come on ladies one pound fish …

  41. If you like to be helped (from boats or dead trees to selling/buying needy tools like expanding/barns/cylo) and you are willing to help other as a return, then join the group “Super Helpers” in your neighborhood house.

    You gotta help one another, if you can though.
    Interesting to you? Go now ^^
    Level 30+ only

  42. A lot of people posted this question. How to join a neighborhood?
    To join a neighborhood you need to be a level 29 farmer then this feature unlocks and certainly you can make your own neighborhood as well and invite your friends or allow the option ‘Anyone can join’

    • secondly why a person gets kicked out of neighborhood?
      Why not ? There are a lot of players who steal others items which was meant to be sold to the one who requested out of the same group and for using inappropriate words or abusing someone.
      Join my hood for more tips and goods BUY IN CHEAP

      • FAQ : why can’t I connect facebook through my hay day app?
        Your primary email id on facebook should be your device default email.

  43. Can I find out who reported me in a neighborhood and why?

    • Sandy Spanski

      Good question! I think the Leader and CoLeader should be able to see who is reporting. It would make the kick out tool more useful and give users a reason for being a good neighbor! I love my neighborhood! Along with that if a user has turned off the chat that should be visible by the Leaders. Why join a neighborhood if you don’t want to participate.

      If leaders could see who is actually playing the game too! Okay Super cell. Great job keep up the good work!

  44. If I rebuild my neighborhood house can my husband look me up and join my neighborhood? N if he can can he request stuff from me?

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