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Neighborhood Q&A!

Q: What can I do in a neighborhood?
A: In this first instalment of the neighborhoods, you can chat with your neighborhood friends, and in global events work towards a joint contribution score!

Q: Do I need to fix my neighborhood building?
A: Yes, you need to fix your neighborhood building first to gain access to all the current and future possibilities of the neighborhood.

Q: Does it cost anything to join/leave a neighborhood?
A: No, joining or leaving a hood is free. However, there is a cool down if you join and leave repeatedly.

Q: Can I belong to more than one (1) neighborhood? If not, why?
A: No, you can only belong to one (1) neighborhood at the time. Allowing players to join multiple neighborhoods would make the whole system way too complicated (UI, playability and technically) and doesn’t fit into our future plans for the neighborhoods.

Q: How many players can belong to one neighborhood?
A: In the current version the limit is 20 but we may up the limit if there’s a need for it.

Q: Who can send invites to other players?
A: Only Leaders, co-leaders and elders can invite people to the new hood or accept applicants.

Q: Who can I invite?
A: You can invite people through your friends list as long as they meet the requirements (Neighborhood House repaired, level requirement, not being already in another neighborhood, etc.).

Q: Can people who aren’t in my friends list be invited or join my neighborhood?
A: In the current version you can not invite “strangers” but we are looking into this. If you want random people in your neighborhood, you can promote your neighborhood on our official channels and ask people to search for your neighborhood.

Q: What options can I set for joining my neighborhood?
A: You can set the type to “Anyone can Join” (anyone can freely join), “Request to Join” (players need to request and get accepted to join) and “Invite Only” (only players who have been invited by the Leader, co-leader or elder can accept to join).

Q: What can an elder do?
A: An elder can invite people and accept or decline join requests. An elder can not promote or kick out members.

Q: What can a co-leader do? 
A: Basically anything a leader can do. Sent invites accept people, promote people to elder or co-leader and kick members and elders. They can’t kick out or demote the leader.

Q: Why do we need this hierarchy?
A: Any neighborhood needs managing at some point so it’s there to help the leader with several tasks. It is also there to prevent misbehaviour e.g. that a random player who joins an open neighbourhood can’t immediately kick out everybody. They are meant to be more administrative titles than hierarchical titles.

Q: What happens if the leader leaves?
A: Leader will be passed to the co-leader who has been the longest. If none, then the elder who has been the longest. If no elders either, then the member who has been the longest. Since it will be hard to predict leader can pass leader to someone else before leaving if he or she wants to step out visiting. So the hood will continue to exist unless it had no other members.

Q: Are neighborhood names unique?
A: No they are not.

Q: Can I search for neighborhoods or players?
A: You can search for neighborhoods but not players.

Q: I am alone in my neighborhood. How can I get members?
A: Visit your friends farms and invite them! If they are already in a neighborhood, you can alternatively post on our forums, Facebook etc. and promote your neighborhood name!

Q: Can I chat with other players than the ones in my neighborhood?
A: No, the chat is limited to neighborhood’s only. We have no plans to introduce private chats or global chats.

Q: What are the names showing up in chat?
A: Those are the farm names of the people in your hood. Change the farm name to an easy name of your choosing to use in chat.

Q: Why is there a report button in the hood chat?
A: If a user joins a neighborhood and is abusive etc. the other members can “report” him/her. When that player gets 4 reports from different players, he/she will be silenced from the chat for 24h

Q: Why is there a filter in the first place?
A: To keep inappropriate and offensive language out of the chat since this is a game for the whole family. 

Q: Can I turn off the chat?
A: Yes, please go to the game settings and then see under advanced settings.

Q: Will you add more features to the neighborhood in the future?
A: We are currently collecting feedback from all users and we will most definitely create more features and additions to the neighborhoods in future updates!


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  1. Please join my neighbourhood called animal farm

  2. Apparently I accidentally hit the button to report someone in my neighborhood. Don’t know how I did it but I was the only one in and I’m the leader. Please tell me how to fix .

  3. Hi ! I’m looking for a neighborhood and there’s a farm called skeeter farm in it . I left because of some issues now I want to find them but they seem to change their neighborhood name .. 🙁 if anyone knows what’s the neighborhood called please tell me thanks !

  4. New neighborhood!! Named “Ohio loves hay day” English speaking tasks 275+ and above. Please try to finish all tasks and turn chat on plz.


    • Really??then I would like to join your hood……….But give me some defination about your hood……If you would like to???

  6. I was silenced in neighbourhood cht due to report…..I am still silenced after passage of 24 hrs ..what the hell is going on wd me ,…can someone help me what should i do????

  7. Hi Everyone!
    Can some tell me about top neighborhood, I joined the one but they even don’t know how to help. I donated them many times there is no donation form their side. I want to join the best neighborhood. kindly give some suggestions. My Farm name is “Mahi’s Farm”.

    • Hello Mahi. You are most welcome in our neighborhood. Kindly search for SAMMYS FAMILY FARM.
      Looking forward in seeing your farm there!

      Southern Farmville

    • If you want to find a best,chatty and winning hoods……..You see the champion leaderboard, but see a hood , who has most of co-leaders and elder…………..ok??………MERRY CHRISTMAS

    • I would like to join yours since my previous neighborhood hasnt been really active in derby and helping and I just search SAMMYS FAMILY FARM. But currently I am still in level 43 so I cant join..

    • We have 13 people in our neighborhood I am level 115 and we have several players at level 80 and above. We ask our players to be active in the derby and finish all 9 task, we are in the championship league. All our players are very helpful and chat a lot. If your looking for a friendly neighborhood our neighborhood name is “My Town” and is invite only and required level is 18.

  8. Hii come join my neighbourhood for fun I like to play derby and have fun no pressures just helping friend’s
    Name is super nova
    Tag: #88QLLJ0V

  9. Hello farmers! Our close-knit neighborhood is looking to expand by gaining more players. *We only do 320 tasks!* Will adjust rules as necessary to stay in Champion League and win top three. Come join us if you’re a competitive player looking for a consistent winner! (Look for Pottamus Place, blue horse on green shield)

  10. By the way, the name of the farm is lefty’s farm so watch out

  11. Im really mad. I spent diamonds and a whole lot of money this derby and ten minutes before it ended they kicked me out so all of the work i put into the derby and all of the prizes that i deserve were not given to me

  12. Need a simple an friendly hood without any pressure?Join Champions of Hay Day.We are active,friendly,helpful,chatty and good in derbies.Everybody can join!
    Here are some of the rules:
    #Be friendly to others
    #Do atleast 3 tasks
    #Choose 200+pts tasks
    That’s it!
    No pressure to be active or to do derby well!Play as you like:)
    Required level to join:18
    We came 1st in our first derby!
    My farms name:Watermark Farm
    Look for Champions of Hay Day now!
    Thanks for your time.

  13. Need a simple an friendly hood without any pressureJoin Champions of Hay Day.We are active,friendly,helpful,chatty and good in derbies.Everybody can join!
    Here are some of the rules:
    #Be friendly to others
    #Do atleast 3 tasks
    #Choose 200+pts tasks
    That’s it!
    No pressure to be active or to do derby well!Play as you like..:)
    Looking for

  14. I just made a new neighborhood!
    It’s called ‘seas the day” and the leader is >>Val’s farm<<
    I would really appreciate it if you joined!
    Thank you 🙂

  15. We have a neighborhood not strong but me Lynn is the leader we play derbys always and we give things to each other goods and products and tools always and if well done the derby we will promote you believe me you’ll be happy if u want to join thats our neighborhood :
    Name : Hay Day World
    Type : request to join
    Required level : 18
    Language : english and u can speak arabic or french
    Derby log : shared
    Tag: #8GY90C82

  16. I have a question: I asked my neighbors for an item, somebody gave it to me, but how do I collect it? It doesn’t show up in my warehouse

    • I also face the same problem. Do you get the answer? Somebody gave me my requested items but I dont know how to collect.

    • If you are trying to make a new request, remember to pick up items donated by your neighbors from the neighborhood patio.

      Exit the request tab and have a look at your Neighborhood patio, you will see the items piled up and ready to be collected. Tapping the items instantly stores them.

  17. Hey all! New beginning farms is a new hood created by experienced players whos aim is to reach chanpionship league and well win as much trophies as possible. We are really competitive andpassionate about derby, looking for members with same attitude 🙂 We do ALL tasks and all above 300. Elder title is automatic, opt out option is vial, we help as much as we can and most importantly we enjoy our game. We are only 3 members at the moment but we wanna grow to a big successful hood. Come join and help us! cant wait meeting you 🙂 Look for NEW BEGINNING FARMS, YELLOW DOG WITH RED BACKROUND. Leader: Naroll

  18. Hi, I’m playing alone and looking for neighborhood who can join derby and help each other.

    My neighborhood name is ” Global Farm ”
    Emblem is a blue dog on pink backgroud
    Leader’s name is Naomi’s farm.

    Please join me. Waiting for you!

  19. Crazy critters farm

    I made my own neighbor good because people weren’t being active enough in the others I found. No one has joined yet but j get between 800-1000 points on my own. Not only would I like people to be active inside the derby but active outside it by communicating to other farms and giving them things they need through your roadside shop. The neighborhoods name is Epic farms and you should join!

    • Crazy critters farm

      The emblem is a red fox on a blue background. The inside has swirls and the outside is shaped like a quadrilateral shield.

      • It won’t let me join other neighbour hood because I’m already in a neighbour hood. Bon temps is my farm name. I have followers and friend but nobody participates in the Derby

    • Crazy critters farm

      Btw, the emblem is a red fox on a blue background. The inside has swirls and the outside is shaped like a quadrilateral shield.

  20. Why do sheep still have antlers?

  21. Can people please join krazy k farm. Its just two of us and we work really hard. It’s a green horse with a purple background.

  22. Hood Name : HEDERABAD INDIA , Leader Name : A.Azeem, Logo: Green Square box pink cat 12 gold, 12 silver, 11 bronze cups, Hood rools : every one have to do 10 task of 315+ points , Hood members will help you fully 24/7, Entry only on derby end to before derby start, Welcome to all Hyderabadis and Indians.

  23. How do you know if they accepted your request or if they declined it?

  24. Join vecinos, blue ship steering wheel with green background. I am the only member and looking for new members!

  25. I just created a neighborhood called teenage dreams.To chat with people who are teenagers. The symbol is a pink cat and background color is purple . I would love if u will chat with me ?? I am very friendly and active and I will also help u guys out ? see u soon

  26. Our neighbourhood does not seem to have any leaders or co leaders only member?

  27. If the neighbourhood is full I cannot join that group. But if that particular group invites me than can I join that group

  28. If you like regular chats and are a active player then feel free to join my my Neighbourhood called Super woman. I’ve just created it so there is only me so far. I want a neighbourhood that’s active in the Derby races and is willing to help each other out. It will be a friendly chatty neighbourhood. See you soon!! :-))

  29. How do I become an elder?

  30. Why am I not receiving requests for someone to join my neighborhood? I already know for a fact she requested it.

  31. My neighborhood name is : Friend world helper hood   

    Leader name is : Tereto
    Level leader : 132
    Game Center : tereto255
    Come pls and join
    Help – chat-love-derby

  32. I created a neighborhood and I have a friend who requested to join my neighborhood, but I don’t see anywhere that I can accept that request… where do I access the requests so I can let people into my neighborhood?

  33. I pass to no17 but the game come to start no1 again
    Why? And how how to do to be 17 again ?
    Please help

  34. How do you remove people from a neighbourhood

  35. how to join a hood if there is a request to join?
    there is one guys in my before hood he is not accepting my request but i want to go in that hood what to do?

  36. can I take someone out my neighborhoods thanks

  37. When my friends are searching the name of my neighborhood, it isn’t showing up. How do I fix this?

  38. Hi,if anyone needs an active neighborhood I’d highly request my neighborhood,its called pickle_bug and I the leader,Amelia’s farm.there is another member “rainbow ninja ” and were looking for more players.we jus created it and wed love to have you! Looking for derby players that chat and help out each other.the required lol is 31+ anyone can join.

  39. Need function for elder to be able to remove inactive members of neighborhood.

  40. Join most active neighbourhoo.Helpful and active.Two or three pkayers are more than enough to with derby trophy.Finding 2 co leaders and some elders.
    Emblem: Red truck on badge type golden background
    Language: English
    Level requirement: 18
    Neighbourhood name: FairTrade.org
    Aim: help to others
    Anyone can join
    So please join

  41. I just created my own neighborhood after getting kicked for not being active for a few days because of not having signal and joined another and it wasn’t active really so I created a neighborhood called MAPLESYRUPS . the symbol is a purple helm ( stearing wheel on a boat) with a green background.
    I want people to join who can have a sense of humor and don’t take things SO seriously but also want to be participating in derbies and help other members out. I like to be chatty and My language can be a little “rough around the edges” and I have a personality and want members of my neighborhood to also be able to take things lightly. The minimum level is 18 and I would like a bunch of y’all big personalities to join me!
    maplesyrups purple stearing wheel green back ground …please join me :)!

  42. We have no leader in our group and a co leader is being rude and stealing. We cant boot them becuase of an inactive leader.
    Any suggestions as to how to get ride of them?

  43. Im looking hayday active members and co leader pls join in our neighbor lobster shop

  44. Please join ” huckleberry ” my neighborhood is fun to be in and we all help each other! We also play in the derby. The symbol is BLUE with a PURPLE HORSE on it?

    I’m at the very end of level 29.
    I play everyday and wanna help out and also be able to chat. I’m really polite but also have a good / dry sense of humor. I’ve already joined and left 2 neighborhoods today because they didn’t seem active enough for me so please BE ACTIVE 🙂

    • Spirit Lifters is an active neighbourhood. I started it because the one I was in had too many people not playing daily or participating in challenges. Feel free to join us!

    • Pls join lobster shop i play everyday im looking for a co leader .

    • heyy join my neighborhood “indonesian”! emblem is YELLOW HORSE and RED CIRCLE with spikes and stripes pattern. the 2 members there are active but all the neighborhoods we joined were not active so we decided to make a neighborhood together. it’s mostly indonesian but we speak fluent english so feel free to join if you wanna have fun and have active playesrs!^^

    • Hey! I’ve also been in several neighborhoods and I’m so surprised to see how they had their chats clean until I arrived, just to talk with myself .. lol ..

      I’m a clasher and a few members of my clan are now starting to play Hay Day .. One of them already made the neighborhood and we’re two for the moment, about to be 3 .. ready to go! If you want a friendly place where people are already used to chat, give complete support to others and work as a team, come with us!! We are friendly and relaxed, but take our tasks seriously. Also, love meeting new people, and sharing the work and the fun together!

      Our neighborhood is called Valhalla, my farm is Shadows Realm .. Hope to see u around! Good luck! 🙂

      Anyone wanting to

      • You can come to Trowbridge park! Theres 4 of us in there now.. Recently lost our leader but trying to get back in the derbys and have fun!

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