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Neighborhood Roles Guide

Leaders: These are players who have the power to invite and edit the whole neighborhood, as they are the ones who created the neighborhood and therefore, they are in charge of the group. It is also possible for a leader to step down and promote a co-leader to take the “leader” role.   

Co-leaders: They are appointed by the leader (or other co-leaders) and they are second in command. They have the same privileges as a leader, but they cannot demote or kick out the leader (co-leader can only demote or kick out elders and members).

Elders: They are glue that holds the neighborhood together and make sure that everything in the group is carried out nicely and respectfully. They have the power to kick out normal members, but they cannot promote or demote anyone in the neighborhood. 

Members: They do not have any special role other than being a part of the group, working with the group and taking part in the discussions in the chat. Members can be promoted if they feel like they want to be something more. Simply ask the co-leaders or leader.

If a leader leaves a neighborhood without appointing a new leader, the co-leader who has been in the neighborhood the longest is automatically promoted to “leader”. If there is no co-leader, then the elder who has been there the longest will be “leader”. If there is no co-leader or elder, then the member who has been in the neighborhood the longest will be promoted to “leader”.

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  1. How do you become an elder?

  2. How do I start a chat if I’m only a member. Can I. If so how, and how do I know if they started one yet

  3. How do I make someone a co leader?

    • Just click on that member and you will see the visit and edit button. Click edit button, there you will see the option Co Leader. Just tap on it and then click save

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