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Pigs are farm animals which produce bacon every 3 hours and 40 minutes. They are housed in pig pens and unlocked at Level 10. General Information: First unlocks at: Level 10 Initial price 500 coins Production time 3 h 40 min Produces Bacon Fed with Pig Feed …

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Cows are farm animals which produce milk. They are unlocked at level 6. They are the second type of farm animal unlocked in the game. General Information: First unlocks at: Level 6 Initial price 50 coins Production time 1 h …

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Chickens are farm animals which produce eggs. They are housed in chicken coops and unlocked during the game tutorial at Level 1. Buying Level 1-12-23 Cost 10-140-270 coins Producing Gives Eggs Every 20 min Chickens have three main states: default, full and hungry: They wear themed …

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Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is a production building unlocked at level 46. It is used to make lobster soup, tomato soup, pumpkin soup,fish soup, onion soup and noodle soup. Soup Kitchen Information Price 115,000 Level 46 Products Produce Lobster Soup Tomato Soup …

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Candy Machine

Candy Machine unlocks at level 51 and produces : Toffee Caramel Apple Jelly Beans Lollipop Chocolate Candy Machine Information Price 120,000 Level 51 Products Produce Toffee Caramel Apple Jelly Beans Lollipop Chocolate Mastery ★ 70 hrs ★★ 288 hrs ★★★ 1152 hrs …

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  • Lobster

    Lobsters are animals found in the fishing lake. They produce lobster tails. …

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