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Coffee Kiosk

The Coffee Kiosk is a production building unlocked at level42. It is used to make caffè lattes, caffè mocha, espressos, hot chocolate, iced banana lattes and raspberry mocha. Appearance The Coffee Kiosk is a small wooden hut with a coffee cup logo on its black roof, and white painted sides. Cups and …

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The Jeweler is a production building unlocked at level 38. It is used to make bracelets, necklaces, diamond rings andiron bracelets. Jeweler Information Price 68,000 Building Time 1 day and 11 hours Level 38 Products Produce Bracelet Necklace Diamond Ring …

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Jam Maker

The Jam Maker is a production building unlocked at level 35. It is used to make apple jam, blackberry jam, cherry jam,raspberry jam, strawberry jam, marmalade and peach jam. Jam Maker Information Price 59,000 Level 35 Products Produce Apple Jam …

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Ice Cream Maker

The Ice Cream Maker is a Production Building unlocked at Level 29. It costs 38,000 coins and takes 1 day and 7 hours (or 54 diamonds) to build it. It can produce: Vanilla ice cream Cherry popsicles Strawberry ice cream Chocolate ice cream Ice Cream Maker Information Price 42,195 …

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Juice Press

The Juice Press is a production building unlocked at level 26. It is used to make carrot juice, apple juice, cherry juice,tomato juice, berry juice and orange juice. Juice Press Information Price 36,800 Level 26 Products Produce Apple Juice Carrot …

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  • Lobster

    Lobsters are animals found in the fishing lake. They produce lobster tails. …

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