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Paint bucket

Paint buckets are used to upgrade buildings in the player’s town.

Paint bucket
Price (coins) 95
Min. price 1 in the market
Max. price 342 in the market
Price (diamonds) 10
Level 34
Town Town Hall
Bed and Breakfast

Ways to obtain

Paint buckets appear randomly as gifts from satisfied visitors to the businesses in your town and can be won in Mystery Boxes, the Wheel of Fortune,Mystery Packages or by participating in global events.

Paint buckets can be bought with 10 diamonds, or in regular roadside shops for the maximum price of 342 coins each.


Paint buckets are required to upgrade the Town Hall, the diner, and the bed and breakfast.

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  1. Debra Schneider

    My barn says I have 31 paint cans buckets but it only shows 1 in the town buildings

  2. I am earning paint buckets etc that are not registering…I have been gifted at least 3 paint buckets but it only shows that I have one. How does this get fixed? Super frustrating

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