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Pasta Maker

The Pasta Maker is a production building unlocked at level67.

It is used to make fresh pasta and rice noodles.


It costs 400,000 Coins and takes 3 days and 7 hours (or 81 Diamond) to build the Pasta Maker. It gives players 43 Experience when completed.


Fresh Pasta Rice Noodles
Fresh pasta Rice noodles
Lvl 67 Lvl 73
15 min
★★★ 12 min
20 min
★★★ 17 min
43Coins 100Coins
5Experience 12Experience


The Pasta Maker originally has two slots available. Unlocking the third slot costs 6 diamonds. Players can unlock 7 new slots in total, each new one costing 3 more Diamond than the previous one. Alternatively, they can spend a total of 105 Diamond to completely upgrade their machine.


A total of 1,512 hours of production is required to master the Pasta Maker:

Pasta Maker Mastered
72 hrs
288 hrs
1,152 hrs
TruckM10Coins TruckM10XP PastaMakerM15
+10% Coins +10% Experience 15% faster

Strategy tips

  • All ingredients required to make pasta can be found in the Daily Dirt although rice is harder to come by.
  • The Pasta Maker is a bit hard to master because all of its products take little time. The one way to do it quickly is to open some slots and keep it working as often as possible.
Pasta Maker
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Pasta Maker
The Pasta Maker is a production building unlocked at level67.
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