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  1. Need help.
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  3. Mike the mailman

    I keep loosing screws for my silo. The count goes down instead of up. If I have 15 and get two morenmy count in the upgrade silo is 13 instead of 17. I don’t know what is going on?

  4. Since the update yesterday 10.03 i cant connect. I am lvl 40, i played this game a lot and now its all 4 nothing, how can i load the game???

  5. i log with facebook in game but now no can game say me need update game google play but no cant plzz help me

  6. im lv 38 and i like this game very much but now no can play because i have problem with conection causes when was maintenance today 10.03.2014

  7. plz i want know problem is in me tablet or u have one problem with game ?

  8. i tryed this but wont work…aslo i have send query that am not able to loged in facebook and google +, i have installed updated version of hayday and facebook on my micromax canvas 2 plus mobile. please help me.

  9. I have been stuck for a while not being able to upgrade my barn or silo. I’m annoyed because I have about ten of all the other building materials except for planks and nails, which I only have one of. Does anyone know if there is any particular crop or animal that gives u planks or nails when harvested/collected???

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