Planks are one of the materials needed to upgrade the barn and the diner. It can be bought from other players’ roadside shops, with diamonds, and found while harvesting crops and collecting products. Planks can be sold at a maximum price of 270 coins.


  • Only plant corn and sell 10 corn for 20 coins. They take longer than wheat but are more likely to sell fast. Harvesting a lot increases the chance of getting these items.
  • Look through the newspaper for anyone selling the item.
Price (coins) 75
Min. price 1 in the market
Max. price 270 in the market
Price (diamonds) 8
Level 1
Farm Barn
Town Diner

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  1. Need help.
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    Happy farming!


  2. Help 10

  3. Mike the mailman

    I keep loosing screws for my silo. The count goes down instead of up. If I have 15 and get two morenmy count in the upgrade silo is 13 instead of 17. I don’t know what is going on?

  4. Since the update yesterday 10.03 i cant connect. I am lvl 40, i played this game a lot and now its all 4 nothing, how can i load the game???

  5. i log with facebook in game but now no can game say me need update game google play but no cant plzz help me

  6. im lv 38 and i like this game very much but now no can play because i have problem with conection causes when was maintenance today 10.03.2014

  7. plz i want know problem is in me tablet or u have one problem with game ?

  8. i tryed this but wont work…aslo i have send query that am not able to loged in facebook and google +, i have installed updated version of hayday and facebook on my micromax canvas 2 plus mobile. please help me.

  9. I have been stuck for a while not being able to upgrade my barn or silo. I’m annoyed because I have about ten of all the other building materials except for planks and nails, which I only have one of. Does anyone know if there is any particular crop or animal that gives u planks or nails when harvested/collected???

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