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Red Lockbox cheat

To use this cheat you need to first locate a red lockbox.


You may get lucky when you tap on it and you get an item or coins, but most of the time you need three diamonds. If the box needs three diamonds don’t pay for it instead “tap out of it”. DO NOT TAP THE X in the corner doing this will make to box go away and you don’t want that. Instead click away from area where the game wants you to pay for the three diamonds and the pop up should go away. The lockbox should still be there and all you need to do is refresh their farm :).

The box should unlock when you tap it the second time and if not try again.

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  1. Does anyone want to trade land deeds for stakes. My farm is Udderlys

  2. Before the last update it used to work, but now 2016- June it is Not working.

  3. This doesn’t work anymore

  4. It wont dissapear When I click around like not in the X or pay 3 diamonds what do I do then? ☺️

  5. IT WORKS!!!!!

    try it a lot of times, but NOT ON YOUR FARM!


  6. it doesn’t work. I tried it ten times. When i refreshed my farm (by changing the language) the red lockbox disappeared (eight times). And two times the box was still locked. Maybe this cheat was “fixed” or “removed” by one of the last updates this year.
    Does anybody used this cheat? Did it really works?

  7. How do i refresh the barn.

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