Sheep Feed

Sheep feed unlocks on Level 16 and is used to feed sheep. Sheep feed is produced in the Feed Mill in batches of three, which feeds a total of threesheep per batch (or one sheep per sack). To make one batch, the Feed Mill requires:

Each batch takes 30 minutes to be produced. This time reduces to 28, 27 and then 25 minutes upon subsequent mastery of the Feed Mill. Sheep feed can be sold for 14 coins each and often be bought from Greg, often at a rate of 20 coins for every 5 sacks.

Sheep Feed
Price 4 (1 to 14 in market)
Duration 30 min
★ 28 min
★★ 27 min
★★★ 25 min
Source Feed Mill
Ingredients Wheat (3)
Soybean (1)

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