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Sheep are farm animals which produce wool. They are unlocked at level 16. They are the fourth type of farm animal unlocked in the game.

General Information:
First unlocks at: Level 16
Initial price 800 coins
Production time 6 h
Produces Wool
Fed with Sheep feed
Housed in Sheep Pasture
Cost of each animal (by amount):
1-5 sheep 800 coins
6-10 sheep 2,300 coins
11-15 sheep 3,800 coins

Sheep have three main states: default, full and hungry. They wear themed clothes and accessories during summer, Halloween and winter.

Sheep Full Sheep Hungry Sheep Summer Sheep Summer Full Sheep Halloween Sheep Halloween Full Sheep Winter

Sheep PastureSheep must be placed in sheep pastures to be purchased. Pastures cost 300 coins each. They are unlocked at levels 16, 26 and 42. Each pasture can house five sheep.

At level 16 sheep cost 800 coins each; at level 26 2,300 coins; at level 42 3,800 coins.

Sheep and sheep pastures can be bought from the shop.


Wool can be sheared from sheep every 6 hours. Players can skip the wait by paying 8 diamonds per sheep. Players must then give sheep sheep feed to get another harvest.

Sheep feed is made of:

Soybean Wheat
x1 x3

  • It takes 30 minutes to make 3 units of sheep feed. You can easily collect all your wool and replenish your feed stock by the time the sheep are ready to be sheared again.
  • Wool can pretty regularly be found in the Daily Dirt.
  • Feeding farm animals and harvesting wool are common tasks in derbies.


  • The ghost costumes sheep wear during Halloween is alike Jacob Marley’s in the Disney adaptation of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

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  1. The sheep have still their antlers from xmas

  2. The sheep still have antlers

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