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Smelters are Production Building unlocked at Level 24. It takes 18 hours to build one. Its cost increases as the player builds more of them: 12,500coins for the first one, 22,000 for the second, 31,500 for the third, 41,000 for the fourth and 50,500 for the last one.

Smelters are used to produce silver, gold, platinum and iron bars, and refined coal. The ore needed to make these is collected from the mine using a stick of dynamite, a TNT barrel, a shovel or a pickaxe. Each metal bar requires three of its kind of ore and takes:

  • Silver Bar: 8 hours
  • Gold Bar: 12 hours
  • Platinum Bar: 16 hours
  • Refined Coal: 6 Hours
  • Iron Bar: 7 Hours

The bars can be sold in the Roadside Shop, on special truck orders, and are used in the Jeweler and in the player’s town to upgrade the personal train. When filling truck orders asking for smelter products, players also get one random voucher as a reward, or two of the same random voucher during a truck event.



Price 1st: 11,000
2nd: 22,000
3rd: 31,500
4th: 41,000
5th: 50,500
Level 24
Produce Silver Bar
Gold Bar
Platinum Bar
Refined Coal
Iron Bar
390 hrs
★★ 1540 hrs
★★★ 6180 hrs


Name Price Duration XP Ingredients Used in
Silver Bar :

Silver Bar
118 8 h
★★★ 6 h 48 min
14 Xp Silver Ore (3)
Jeweler Bracelet
Gold Bar :

Gold Bar
147 12 h
★★★ 10 h 12 min
18 Xp Gold Ore (3)
Jeweler Bracelet
Diamond Ring
Platinum Bar :

Platinum Bar
176 16 h
★★★ 13 h 36 min
21 Xp Platinum Ore (3)
Jeweler Necklace
Diamond Ring
Refined Coal :

Refined Coal
108 6 h
★★★ 5 h 6 min
13 Xp Coal (3)
Jeweler Iron Bracelet
Iron Bar :

Iron Bar
129 7 h
★★★ 5 h 57 min
15 Xp Iron Ore (3)
Jeweler Iron Bracelet


★ after 390 hours, all Smelter goods will be worth 10% more coins from truck orders.

★★ after 1,540 hours, all Smelter goods will be worth 10% more experience from truck orders.

★★★: After 6,180 hours, all Smeltergoods will be produced 15% faster.

A total of 8110 hours of production are required to master the Smelter and get the 3-star rank (★★★). Note that mastery is shared among all smelters, so hours earned on any Smelter count toward overall mastery of all smelters.

Smelter Mastered

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