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Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is a production building unlocked at level 46.

It is used to make lobster soup, tomato soup, pumpkin soup,fish soup, onion soup and noodle soup.

Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen

Price 115,000
Level 46
Produce Lobster Soup
Tomato Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Fish Soup
Noodle Soup
72 hrs
★★ 288 hrs
★★★ 1152 hrs


The Soup Kitchen is a cyan stove with a blue pot and a vegetable cutter placed on it. Pots and pans are placed or hung near it. There are a couple of utensils hanging beside the stove.

The mastered version gains a golden tint on the stove and the rims of the pot. Steam comes out of the star-decorated pot on the stove.


It costs 115,000 gold (or 57 diamonds) and takes 1 day and 12 hours to build the Soup Kitchen. It gives players 28 xp when completed.


Lobster Soup Tomato Soup Pumpkin Soup
Lobster soup Tomato soup Pumpkin soup
Lvl 46 Lvl 47 Lvl 49
2 h 30 min
★★★ 2 h 7 min
1 h 30 min
★★★ 1 h 16 min
2 h
★★★ 1 h 42 min
612 gold 478 gold 392 gold
73 xp 57 xp 47 xp
Fish Soup Onion Soup Noodle Soup
Fish soup Onion soup Noodle soup
Lvl 53 Lvl 72 Lvl 73
3 h
★★★ 2 h 33 min
2 h 30 min
★★★ 2 h 7 min
2 h
★★★ 1 h 42 min
432 gold 327 gold 298 gold
35 xp 36 xp 52 xp


The Soup Kitchen originally has two slots available. Unlocking the third slot costs 6 diamonds. Players can unlock 7 new slots in total, each new one costing 3 more Diamond than the previous one. Alternatively, they can spend a total of 105 diamonds to completely upgrade their machine.


A total of 1,512 hours of production is required to master the Soup Kitchen:

Soup Kitchen Mastered
72 hrs
288 hrs
1,152 hrs
TruckM10Coins TruckM5XP SoupKitchenM15
+10% gold +5% xp 15% faster

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