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Various Hay Day Tips

– It’s easy to make a mistake when dragging and dropping new buildings, and ending up plonking them down somewhere you really don’t want them to be. If you want to change things around a bit, just press down on the item you want to move, then move or rotate it by dragging elsewhere.

– Wondering why there’s an exclamation mark sign on top of your trees? Get a friend to visit your farm and tap on it so that they stop wilting. You’ll get your trees back, and they’ll get a little extra XP to help them progress too.

– Diamonds and Coins are the two currencies in Hay Day, but the former is by far the most valuable, not to mention the rarest. You’ll get more Diamonds every time you level up, and it might be worth synching the game up with Facebook for a few extra free Diamonds. At level 24 in Hay Day you can begin mining – another source of this precious currency.

– Another way to get more Diamonds in Hay Day is to keep an eye out for the purple tickets that sometimes appear near your newspaper. Once you’ve watched a clip, you’ll be able to claim a handful of free Diamonds. Not too bad for a few moments’ work!


– Try to stay on top of how crops and animals depend upon each other, so that you can optimize your farming strategy. You want to be able to keep animals fed, so that they can produce key goods, but you’ll also need some of that feed to make more complex items for the market. It makes sense to expand your farm evenly between crops and animals so that the balance is always maintained, and you’re never left short of something you need.

– So you’ve built an animal pen in Hay Day – now what? Animals won’t magically appear in any pen you create, instead you’ll have to tap on the till icon, then drag the appropriate animal into its housing area. Once it’s settled into its new home, you’ll have to feed it before it’ll start creating its own produce.

– Selling the produce that you’ve so carefully harvested is essential when it comes to maintaining a steady flow of Coins in Hay Day. Keep an eye out for people visiting the farm in person to make essential purchases, and always make sure you’re sending out your delivery truck to fulfill orders. Use the order board to plan out your farming priorities in the early days.

– Regretting the now not-so-hilarious name you gave to your farm a few months ago? Never fear – you can change the name of your farm in Hay Day at any point by going into the settings menu via the cog icon, then selecting “Change Farm Name”. You can change the name of your Hay Day farm as often as you wish with this method.


– You don’t have to constantly harvest your crops, but once they’re fully grown you’ll get no more benefit from the patch of land they’re planted in. For this reason it’s worth checking on the game regularly and clearing out any fully matured crops. To do this, simply tap on the field, then select the sickle, then sweep it around the field. Don’t forget to replant your crops before leaving!

– If you’re finding the game progress of Hay Day to be just a little too slow, you can spend some of those Diamonds you’ve acquired on speeding things up. Just tap on the relevant item or creature, then tap on the lightning symbol. Don’t waste Diamonds needlessly though, and make sure you save them up for only the very longest jobs on the farm.

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