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When should I get my boat?

Most players you will encounter here will highly recommend getting your dock repaired as soon as you are able. Don’t wait for any machines! The longer you wait, the higher level you will be, therefore, you will have more higher-level items needed for your crates!

IMPORTANT FACT #1: In order to achieve Captain III (as well as the first two awards,) you MUST fill ALL CRATES in all boats until the award is achieved. You cannot let a boat sail without filling…or you’ll be starting over.

IMPORTANT FACT #2: Your boats will WAIT for you to open your game. In other words, if you know your boat is arriving at the dock in 4 hours, but you will be at work soon afterward, DON’T OPEN YOUR GAME! Likewise, if you know your boat will arrive 15 minutes before you go to sleep………DON’T OPEN YOUR GAME! Let the game stay closed, because your boat will wait up-river until you do, even after its designated arrival time. You will have a set number of hours to completely fill all crates, and you don’t want to open your boat until you KNOW you’ll have some time to work on them.


We typically let any sugar, cream or syrup boats sail, without filling their crates. Once you’ve hit your Captain III, you can (and should) do this, too. Those items are always in demand to produce OTHER items, and while people will want to help you, it’s difficult to part with them. Of course, there are always exceptions.

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